Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Worthless, Uninformed Top 25

Rank (BCS)Record(Last Week)

1(1)Alabama 11-0(1)
2(3)Texas 10-1(3)
3(7)Utah 11-0(4)
4(2)Texas Tech 10-0(2)
5(9)Boise St. 10-0(8)
6(8)Penn St. 10-1(6)
7(4)Florida 9-1(9)
8(17)Ball St. 10-0(10)
9(6)USC 9-1(11)
10(10)Ohio St. 9-2(13)
11(11)Georgia 9-2(12)
12(5)Oklahoma 9-1(5)
13(16)TCU 9-2(7)
14(14)BYU 10-1(14)
15(12)Oklahoma St. 9-2(16)
16(13)Missouri 9-2(17)
17(19)Cincinnati 8-2(21)
18(15)Michigan St. 9-2(15)
19(NR)Western Michigan 9-2(20)
20(NR)Central Michigan 8-2(23)
21(NR)Northwestern 8-3(NR)
22(18)LSU 7-3(24)
23(21)Oregon St. 7-3(25)
24(NR)Tulsa 8-2(18)
25(20)Pitt 7-2(22)

Dropped Out: Air Force (19)

Grossly Overrated: North Carolina(22), Miami(23), Oklahoma (5), Pitt(20)

Grossly Underrated: Ball St. (17), Western Michigan (NR), Central Michigan (NR)


gotwinkies said...

How the fuck can you have Texas in front of an undefeated Texas Tech team that BEAT Texas?


I swear you only post these things to see what kind of bitching I'll do.

And Dan, the wife and I are going to a law school classmate's wedding in December. That is going to tap into some of our reserve funds and I am giving myself a .000009% of being approved by the wife of going to Vegas in January. I know that was the shortest "potential meeting of Brian" story yet. Sorry man. YOu'll just have to pretend that I'm Juice's alter ego still.

The Sports Bottle said...

i will hold onto that .000009% with all my heart. all u need is to stash $300 for the plane and then another few hundred for debauchery. not that difficult. think of it as an investment. you could, theoretically, return with more money that u left with.

why does tech drop? i don't get it.

Juicelaw said...

Tech didn't win this week.

I would put his chances of Vegas at .00000004% Slightly above mine.