Monday, November 17, 2008

The Bears Still Suck!

Impressive post by Twinkie. Way to take one for the team. It was not as impressive as the Packers tying down some of Bear's distant relatives from Chicago and drilling out thier assholes with a scalding hot charcoal briquette. That was one of the most satifying wins I can remember. They did almost everything perfectly. My only beef was A-Rodg underthrowing that Urlacher pick by about 10 yards. That was an easy TD otherwise. Highlight was the audible "Bears Still Suck!" chant. (I'm not going to pretend I didn't get goosebumps watching the above video)

Bucky barely held on against Long Beach State yesterday at the Kohl Center. Scary game. I can't decide what it says about thier prospects for the season. On one hand, if I know the Badgers, I know these things: 1)They always have at least one scare at home in the early going; 2) They struggle against athletic teams that aren't afraid to gun up a three with 31 seconds left on the shot clock. LB St. did both. Some of the shots the 49ers made were ridiculous. On the other hand, I was not impressed with Bucky on either side of the ball. They settled for a shitload of 3 pointers. The inside game was pretty useless against a small-ish mid-major team. They aren't going to be able to score from inside 15 feet in the Big 10. Landry has potential to have a HUGE year though. The 3 pointer/block sequence in the last 30 second was the balls.

Nuff said on CU/New Mexico. I was fist pumping the "Gamecast" on, which was actually pretty slick, while watching UW.

If The White Broncos are able to pull off a huge come from behind victory against my brother tonight (needed 24.9 from Marshawn Lynch, and with 4:00 left in the first half he has 15.5), it will pretty much be the greatest sports weekend in recent ememory.

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