Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm Back Baby!

Last week I managed to go 9-5 against the spread in fake gambling.  It is only the second week all year over .500.  For the season I am 58-68-4, which is abysmal.  Here goes nothing:
Den(+3), Buf (+3 1/2), Ten (-3), Atl (-1), Mia (-8 1/2), GB (+2 1/2), NYJ (-9), Jax (-6 1/2), Car (-9 1/2), SD (-15 1/2), Phi (-3), Ari (-9 1/2)
I'm officially getting jacked up about Sunday's "game".  Will somebody please tell fucking Jared Allen and Darren Sharper that the Queens are 4-4 and not 8-0.  Those two fucks (amongst others) continue to talk shit about how good they are and how not good the Packers are, yet the two have the same record, and the Packers have already beat them once.  I am feeling a Packer win.  Or a season ending injury for A-Rodg.  But more a Packer win.  The Queens haven't done anything to convince me they are that good.  My hope is for a little 3 game winning streak, and then the Packer-Panther game getting flexed to Sunday night football.
I'm also getting a little excited for college basketball already.  For those who don't know, I have an unhealthy obsession with college hoop.  I'm especially obsessed with the Wisconsin Badgers, Creighton Bluejays and mid-major hoops in general.  Two websites that I visit on a daily basis during college hoops season are and  Mid-majority deals only with mid-major basketball, and a dude that writes for, who travels around the country going to random basketball games, and stopping at Waffle Houses all over the country.  BB State, is a site for stats geeks, but what they do that I love is give their rankings based on a whole bunch of statistical shit that creates a very accurate, non-biased picture of how good teams really are.  In the future, when I refer to rankings this is what I will use, because a)keeping track of 10,000 hoops teams is much tougher than 120+ football and b) the media polls are still fucking jokes that have inherent biases based on history, size of school, conference and TV.  I'm hoping to get to a UWGB game or two (wife wouldn't allow me to purchase season tickets, but I will wear her down some day).  I will also be enjoying every Badger game, and a nice majority of CU games.  I have new job this year that is going to severely cut into bball time from January to April, but hopefully, I can just follow along at work if need be.  Fuck, if I'm still at work at 7 p.m., I better not hear a fucking complaint about Travis Justice being too loud through my computer speakers.
Huh, that got alot longer than I planned.  Can't wait to go to the Viking game and "tailgate" on the fucking sidewalk someplace, and then sit four and a half miles from the field.  Great place to watch a football game.  PS. I'm not really going, I just have been there and it sucks balls.  Looking forward to 33% Packer fans Sunday.


Dan said...

can't wait for college bball. unquestionably my favorite sport. anyone sick of tyler hansbrough yet? to everyone but me it must seem like he's been there for 10 years.

Juicelaw said...

He is in his 13th year. He was a freshman when Eric Montross was a senior. We can only hope that his injury is serious and he gets a redshirt so he can play next year too.