Thursday, November 13, 2008

Battle for the Axe

Nothing happening today, so I figured I could give my thoughts on Saturday's "Battle for Paul Bunyan's Axe" taking place in Madison. A week ago, I would have thought that Minnesota would win this game easily. Then they got manhandled, violated and clowned by Michigan, who is terrible. Both of these teams lost embarrassing games to Michigan, but at least UW's was in Ann Arbor. The Goophs loss was in that garbage can they call a stadium. Playing for the axe is pretty damn cool. My favorite part is when the winner (usually Wisconsin) takes the axe and pretends to chop down the goal posts. It gets even better when the winning team wins it from the other team, and storms the other teams' sideline. Some year I would love to see the losing team start to fight the winning team for it. Or for it to be a huge upset win, and the fans storm the field, and a player freaks out and chops a fan's head off. That would be awesome. Here are some of my favorite axe moments:

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gotwinkies said...

I would post something refuting your claims about UW usually beating Minny, but I'm not even a gophs fan so fuck it.

This is completely unrelated, but FYI New Mexico plays AT the QWEST Center, not CU at the Pit. I'll forgive you for fucking up this time.

CU Wins 73-69.