Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Shane Battier All-Star Team

Shane Battier played for Duke for 11 seasons. He isn't the original guy that did this, but when I was thinking of guys that skirted NCAA eligibility rules, even though they were very good basketball players, Shane was the first guy that came to mind. I physically HATED him when I was in college. Duke has the all-time record for Shane Battier all-starts with 39. All of the guys below are in at least their 8th seasons. So without further ado: the 2008-2009 team.

F-Tyler Hanbrough, UNC
G-Darren Collison, UCLA (Most Ridiculously old)
C-Hasheem Thabeet, UCONN
G-Osiris Eldridge, Illinois St. (Valley shout out)
G-Bryan Mullins, SIU (Valley shout out)
G-Kyle McAlarney, Notre Dame
F-Scottie Reynolds, Villinova (a junior!!!)
G-Dominic James, Marquette
F-Raymar Morgan, Michigan St.
C -Josh Heytvelt, Gonzaga
G-Greg Paulus, Duke (honorary Dookie)
G- John Scheyer, Duke (honorary Dookie)

Feel free to add your own.


gotwinkies said...

Josh Dotzler

seems like he has been at CU forever.

Juicelaw said...

That is a good one.

Somehow Dane Watts "graduated". He would have been a starter on this team.