Friday, November 14, 2008

Jets v. Pats

I know what you are thinking.  Here comes Juicelaw's semi-daily rant about He.  Where I talk all sorts of shit about He and how I hate him.  But I'm not going to do that.  No, today's target is the World Wide Leader in Sports.  Last night I didn't get to see any of the game.  From all accounts it was a spectacular game, probably one of the best of the year.  I was at a dude's house playing poker last night, and said dude didn't have the NFL Network.  This is relevant because the game was on said channel last night, and after two years of NOT having it myself, I do have it now.  And then, when there is finally a really good game on it, I'm not home to see it.  My life is pretty much a never ending string of slamming doors and nut kicks.  ANYWAYS, we had ESPN on in the background of our game.  After the ACC clusterfuck of the week, SportsCenter came on.  About the same time, the Jets/Pats game was tied in the fourth quarter.  The game went on about another 45 minutes after that, and other than a few random college football highlights and one NBA game, the crew on SportsCenter didn't have anything else to discuss except for the NFL game.  What happened next was both ridiculous and awesome.  There were moments of 5 minutes, where the anchors would actually be watching the game on their set, and describing what was happening, but they couldn't show any highlights because of the bullshit NFL broadcasting rules, and everything was happening live on a TV that was 10 feet away, so you got gems like this:
"24-24 in the fourth quarter.  It appears the Jets are driving into New England territory.  You know, this would be a huge win for the Jets....Wait, it appears the Jets just turned it over."
Then they would bring on Marcellus Wiley or someone to discuss the ramifications of a game that wasn't over yet.  Then you would get another gem.  "The Jets have scored a touchdown.  31-24 with about 3:00 left.  Stay tuned right here for all the highlights when this game gets finished."
At one point, they literally described four consecutive plays to me.  Now that is good television.  In conclusion, the NFL broadcasting rules are stupid.  They should just allow every station to pay a whole bunch of money to broadcast the games if they want.  It could be like the Presidential Debates or something that are on every channel simultaneously.

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