Monday, November 24, 2008

End of an era (or some other time period)

Wyoming officially fired Joe Glenn yesterday. This is a sad day for me for two reasons: 1) Joe Glenn lead us to our first bowl win in several decades, a 24-21 upset over UCLA in the Hardee's Monster Burger Bowl (actually it was the pioneer pure las vegas bowl). 2) He was a hell of a nice guy. I know that nice guys don't help you win college football games. I know WYO needs to head in another direction. But this is a guy who called me in the hospital when i was on my death bed and spoke to me personally, attempting to rally me when I felt like shit.
This beloved screen shot was one of my favorite Joe Glenn moments, even though we were getting destroyed by Utah. Utah was leading 43-0 and attempted an onside kick, which WYO recovered. Prompting Joe to flip their coach the bird.
Now my beloved alma mater must sort through a number of retreads in an effort to "fix" our football team. The problem is, many of the names being thrown out are people who will win a few at WYO and move on to the next big thing. Some of the names being thrown out are: John L. Smith, Gary Barnett, Missouri Offense Cord., and Jim Gilmore (Neb. receivers coach). If Barnett is hired, I may quit watching college football altogether. Yes, he can win. However, we will probably be hit with numerous recruiting violations and sexual harassments suits.
My personal pick would be to hire Turner Gill from Buffalo. Wyo would be about the right sized school for his next step up and he has great Nebraska recruting ties. Plus anyone who can win at Buffalo is a proven winner in my boook.
Goodbye Joe. Thanks for the memories.

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