Sunday, November 16, 2008


Sloth. It is without a doubt my favorite of the seven deadly sins. I finally get a Sunday where I can be an absolute piece of shit and not move from the couch from now, until like 10:30 p.m.

There is always some sort of yard work or housework or cleaning or some shit going on Saturday that pretty much ruins the day. Yesterday was no different. There was carrying in the patio furniture and storing it in the basement. There was folding laundry. There was vacuuming. There was going to Menard's and buying a hand saw and nuts and bolts. There was fixing the downspouts and nearly cutting my arm off on jagged sheet metal. There was sawing apart a bunch of 8 foot sections of baseboard that has been sitting on the floor in my garage for two years. There was sweeping out the garage. Yesterday sucked. Of course, I have DVR, so this kind of interruption doesn't usually hamper my football watching ability. I generally don't have a problem watching anything except for the Packers on a bit of a delay. So about 4 p.m., I finally finished my slavery and plopped down to watch the game before our "dinner date" with another couple (Man am I getting fucking old. On that note, my wife and I played Trivial Pursuit on Friday night). Of course, for some stupid fucking reason, ESPN decides to put games on ESPN AND ABC at the exact same time, and black one of them out. When I went to set the DVR, I didn't check every goddamn channel. I just saw it was on ESPN, and hit record. So I missed the entire first half (which appeared to have sucked anyway). The second half was tremendously entertaining. It was the anti-Michigan game (blow out in one half, opposite blowout in the other). Great win for Bucky. Fun with the axe was had by all. The picture above was awesome, because it shows just how much emotion is involved in the rivalry. Looking towards a win over a D-II team next week, and an appearance in the Bowl in Prague, Czech Republic on December 19th at 8 a.m. (part of Bowl Month on ESPN!!).

Back to today though. No chores. No Packer party. (We were invited, but my wife summarily rejected the offer from her parents, without even asking.) Nothing but me, my 60" HD, Packers-Bears, and running OJSFA scores on my laptop. The consequences of a loss today are dire. The rivalry is fierce. And it will have my full concentration.

Afterwards, I hope to catch the UW-Long Beach St. game on the Big10, and possibly check the score of CU-New Mexico.

It's going to be a good day.

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