Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Gaels?

I looked around for the Badger game on the dish last night, and couldn't find it. When I went to bed, I saw they beat Iona 60-58 in Overtime. The story on JSOnline was like two sentences long, and described nothing about the game itself. It is quite possible that it was actually played on College Hoops 2k9 in a dorm room somewhere, and didn't actually happen live. The only information was that Bucky shot 31.3%, which is poor. Iona's nickname is the Gaels. A quick check of Iona on Wikipedia reveals that it is an island in Scotland. If you are almost losing to a team with no mention on Wikipedia, that isn't real good. Iona plays in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference or the MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAC. I only really know this because I play a bunch of College Basketball video games. My first guess was that a Gael was a bird. It is apparently a yellow and maroon leprechaun. Scary.
Bucky plays the San Diego Torerros Sunday night for the tournament championship. I don't know if San Diego is good this year or not. They were last year. It smells like a Badger loss.
Today's Predictions:
UW 51, Cal Poly 30
Oklahoma 31, Texas Tech 21 (although I will be rooting hard for the Red Raiders)
I murder at least 13 people at the mall. (It's X-mas shopping day! Wheeee!)

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