Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving, He and, oh yeah, Guitar Hero

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. Eat a lot of turkey then take a nap. That's my plan.

I would like to give my opinion on the overall the Packers/He situation because I know one of our loyal readers gets really defensive when a negative word is spoken about He. This unnamed reader doesn't understand how someone like yours truly can dislike He after the awesome 16 years He gave to us. But this reader does admit both He and the Packers handled the off season situation poorly.

Well, I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with this reader. He Who Shall Not Be Named couldn't have handled the off season any worse, from a Packer fan standpoint. Maybe it was His goal the entire time to get moved to another team and the fake retirement and the controversy it caused when He wanted to come back was His master plan. And if it was, bravo, I say, bravo. Chancellor Palpatine thinks that was a great plan. But I just think it was a retarded move and He couldn't have handled it any worse. People will bitch that the Pack didn't show Him the loyalty He deserved. Well, fucknuts, what about the loyalty he owes the Packers? I believe it was the Packers that traded for Atlanta's backup QB. I'm pretty sure He didn't trade the Falcons for the Packers. If it's an issue of betrayal or loyalty either He betrayed the Packers and they're fans or the Packer's betrayed Him. Which is worse? I argue the former. He did not show loyalty to the organization who made Him or to the fans that loved Him.

From a personal standpoint the whole "how can you forget the past 16 years" argument holds no weight whatsoever. I've always been a die hard Packer fan my whole life. If Juice is a 10 as a Packer fan, I'm a 9.9. The .1 is the fact I turn off the Packer game when it gets too frustrating and I don't watch preseason games. Anyways, I was never a He apologist. "Awwww, he's just a regular human being so His addiction to painkillers is endearing." That's what I've always heard. It's almost as if people thought it was cute that He was addicted to drugs. Horseshit. He got a free pass with that one. My main point here would be I was never a He fan, I was a He as a Packer QB fan. As soon as He goes to another team He becomes Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Kyle Orton to me. He's another QB on another team. Am I supposed to root for Him? No fucking way. Am I supposed to love a girl when she leaves me for another man?

My final point is the Packers handled the whole off season the only way they could have. He retired, which means He (theoretically) was never going to play football again. Thus the Pack did exactly what they should have and told the former 1st round draft pick he was now their guy. It wasn't a smart move, it was the only move. So, when dumbshit decides to come back the Pack is just supposed to say 'fuck you Rodgers'? And then He finds it necessary to do these TV interviews? The only purpose that could serve was to make the Pack look bad b/c average Joe Buttfuck is gonna believe anything He says. So, again, who betrayed who? He's an asshole who could've gotten what He wanted in a much quieter way. He created the situation. Why do people forget that? The Pack holds no responsibility for the creation of this event. These die hard retards have blinders on and He can do no wrong.

Overall, we're much better in the long run with the way things turned out. I'm not gonna lie and say I didn't want He to come back. I think we'd have been better this year. Rodgers is gonna be good for a long time, so in the end, He can go fuck himself.

Related tangent - let me begin this rant with a disclaimer. I believe He is obviously one of the greatest QBs of all time. No question about it. But my views on He are more like a non-Packer fan view. Many fans of He believe he's the greatest QB ever but most people who I've heard who aren't specific He fans (i.e. current and former NFL players) don't usually have him in the top 3, and I wouldn't either. That's not a dis. Being considered a top 5 or 10 QB off all time is unbelievable. But my point for this tangent is to say He's the worst clutch QB out of all the all time greats. When the light shone the brightest (final minutes of the 2nd Super Bowl vs the Broncos or the 4th and 26 game against the Eagles) He couldn't pull it off. I'm not saying the losses were His fault but He was given the chance to win it. When the light shone the brightest, Montana and Elway did their best work. Would either of those two had thrown that pass in the said Eagles game? Or what about the interception in last season's NFC championship game?

Final He thought just to make that unnamed reader's face a little less red with anger. He was a great great great QB. He made some shitty players good (here's to you Antonio Freeman and Bill Schroeder). He was a winner and I loved the 16 years he gave us.

Played guitar hero last night for the first time. Seems extremely retarded at first but is actually pretty fun once you get the hang of it.

Had a couple pints of the new Leinie's brown ale recently. I consider myself well versed in the brown ales seeing how New Glarus Fat Squirrel, Big Sky Moose Drool and Tommy Knocker Imperial are my 3 favorite beers. That being said, wasn't a big fan of the Leinie's version. It seems to me to be the light version of a brown ale. Not a bad beer but not a beer I'd buy again.

Monday night game was a disaster and I listened to it on the radio. Must have been much worse visually. 38 He references? 1) I was right with my "way over" 24.5 prediction 2) 38? What the fuck? Was it all Kornheiser? I don't give a fuck, 38 is ridiculous. Do you know how many He references I heard on the radio broadcast of the exact same game? None. There may have been a couple, but I don't remember. Silver lining - I had Brees, Moore and Colston on one fantasy team.
Final message to all those He apologists from my boy..............................


Juicelaw said...

You are my hero.

You just angered up someone's blood. Expect a 200 word retort in this here comment section.

There might be blood this weekend.

Ricky said...

This post was way too long and I only read about 1/3 of it. My attention span is not long enough for this post.

This is all I will say. Since I can remember I have been a Packer fan. My dad taught me about the all time greats and talked about Don Hutson, Paul Hornung, Bart Starr, Lombardi, Lambeau etc... The point is that I still am a fan of all those Packers all time greats. Some may have played the end of their careers at other teams and some coached other teams. I am sure that when some left, see Curly Lambeau (probably uglier split than Favre), it was not always easy. Favre is maybe the greatest Packer of all time. I still am a fan of his and always will be. I am not any less of a Packer fan because of this Favre saga. I still am jacked up for games when the weekend rolls around. When they lose I avoid all sports for most of the week because I am so pissed and frustrated. This is all why it is so odd for me to hear the hatred towards Favre. This is longer than I anticipated. None of the 3 people that read this will ever agree with me anyhow. I am going to try and be done with this argument now. I need more than a comments section to portray all my thoughts on this.

Ricky said...

One last comment then I am done. The Packers DID NOT handle this the best way possible. I think the end result was probably the best end result, but how they got there was not the best route. You are retarded if you feel the Packers could not have done anything different.

Juicelaw said...

I think if you want to admire him causually, you are allowed. I casually admire certain players. I don't know if you go out of your way to watch Jets games, but people that do are stupid in my opinion. They get shoved down my throat here in GB, so I don't have a choice alot of times. I have a hard time watching him play elsewhere.

I just wanted you to admit the end result was the best. I'm done now.