Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tar Heel Debut

Dave, this is for you.

I'm watching my dvr'd Tar Heel vs Kentucky game due to the fact that I had to work during the game. Other than a random Duper text message saying UK needed a TO, I have no idea how this went. For the record, the Tar Heels are my favorite team in any sport. How Dave is with the Packers is how I am with the Tar Heels. I really don't know exactly why, but I've loved them since I was a little kid

Heel super frosh Tyler Zeller looks strikingly similar to another Heel white low post guy. You know who I'm talking about Dave. Wouldn't that be great to have Hansbrough Jr when Hansbrough Sr graduates?

If I didn't like the ACC so much, I would hate Dick Vitale.

Who is it thats the Kentucky fan? Is that Bear? We totally should've bet on this game.

Although its almost 1am, I'll be following along with the Badger game on the bottom line. They're already up 15 in the first half. Looks like a nail biter.

15-4 Heels, 5.5 minutes into the game.


Did 30 minutes of cardio tonight. Got more and more pissed with each passing second.

Ellington has the sweetest J in college hoops.

25-6 (minus the reigning national player of the year).

How did Brad Daugherty become a Nascar analyst? How can any Nascar fan take him seriously? Would I take Rusty Wallace seriously if he was announcing this game alongside Dan Schulman?

Erin Andrews is a aesthetically pleasing woman whom i respect for her career accomplishments.


SIU-Edwards? Really? SIU? Sucking It Up?

Greg Paulus is still playing for Duke.

Chris Lofton finally graduated.

Why doesn't anyone ever bitch about the tv timeout? I think its horseshit.

This is my first ever running blog.

33-19... obviously the Heels prayed harder before the game.

Jeremy Pargo still plays for Gonzaga.

Do ever catch yourself watching commercials when you're watching something you've dvr'd?

38-21 after the commercial break.

Again I would like to thank Lee Evans for not making a catch Monday night and giving my fantasy team a hard fought victory.

Less than 2 weeks until my regular season Lambeau debut (thanks Dave).

Badgers squeaking by 50-24 with 15 minutes left. Real confidence booster.

Stephen Curry is fantastic but will never be better than his dad in NBA Live '97.

Speaking of which, I bought NBA 2K9 for 360. Very good game.

Quick video game story. I was at Schmock's house a few weeks ago. It was me, my g/f Courtney, Schmock and his g/f Jamie. Correction: I was at Jamie's house that Schmock pays rent at. Anyways, we're playing the Wii, which is always a great time (Ricky, we need a rematch with Schmock and Jamie in tennis). This time we were playing the bowling game. Drinks were going down smoothly. I was plowed. I take my turn. Line up the shot. Pull my arm back and let the ball fly. But this time I chucked the Wii remote about 6 feet up the wall (they have the wrist straps for a reason, i guess). After the initial shock wore off we realized nothing was damaged. So Schmock lets out a little giggle b/c it was kinda funny. Drunk Jamie didn't see it that way. She takes her Wii remote and backhand chucks it at Schmocks head and we all know how Schmock likes to get hit in the head (i.e. Worm smoking Schmock in the head with a penny in the dorm rooms - anyone who knows what i'm talking about is laughing at that story). Well, Jamie missed and knocked Schmock's vodka drink all over the floor. That kinda ruined the mood for the night.

41-25 at the half. Eat it Bear.

FUCK, Erin Andrews is HOT!!!!

Any predictions for the De La Hoya v Pacquaio fight?


Anyone wanna go to Vegas in January. I know its shocking but I will be there for the AFC and NFC Championship games. Its cheap as hell

Does anyone doubt that Tyler Hansbrough works harder than anyone in the history of the human species?

Some GREAT lines from Family Guy this week. "September 11th-y" was my favorite.


OK, I'm out.


Juicelaw said...

I laughed at the Schmock getting hit in the head with the penny story. One of the all time best. Nice Del Curry screenshot. UNC blows.

gotwinkies said...

Does "anyone want to go to Vegas" include me in the anybody? The wife and I are constantly bickering and I think some hookers and cocaine could do me some good.

Allegiant Air flies out of Fargo on Fridays and Mondays. Just perfect!

Bear said...

After the VMI game, if you had wanted to bet on this game I would have required at least 30 points...

The Sports Bottle said...

well, brian, if you are an actual human being and not dave's alter ego, then, yes, "anyone want to go to vegas" includes you.

gotwinkies said...

I don't know anybody named Brian who would be caught posting stuff on this filthy blog, but, if what you meant by "alter ego" was "badass, cooler version" of Dave, then that is me.

Give me an idea of some dates in January. I would only be able to do a Friday - Monday trip.

Ricky said...

I agree, we need a rematch. Did I see g/f Courtney? Back together huh? You coming for New Years yet?

The Sports Bottle said...

we are going on january 16th (friday) and returning january 19 (monday). so i think that fits your friday to monday scenario. hotel will be my treat. we're staying at the flamingo and the first 2 nights are free and then i'll pay the sunday night room fee. expect many hours of debauchery at the mirage sports book and many assorted table games along the strip.

yeah, courtney and i are giving it one more shot. i am planning on being up there for new years!!!

Juicelaw said...

I couldn't think of a better place to spend new years than St. Paul, Minnesota. Except for perhaps Omaha, Nebraska, or Green Bay, Wisconsin.

You are almost certain to cheat on Courtney in Las Vegas, because you are a cheating bastard.

Ricky said...

David, my wonderful good friend. I have been to Omaha for New Years and I am pretty sure that Gilmanton may be more exciting. I am sure that GB is a riot. I heard it was the #2 place to celebrate New Years close behind Times Square.