Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Mall, Beer and Chipotle

Went and tried to complete the majority of our Christmas shopping yesterday. Not. Fun. At all. Maybe I am getting to be old, but that shit stresses me the fuck out. Sitting in bumper to bumper traffic to get in. Then nearly dying in the parking lot eight times just trying to park a vehicle. Then walking four and a half miles to get in. Then you get all the snooty bitches shoving people in the aisles. The old people walking too slow and blocking the flow of walking traffic. And the white trash assholes who bring their 4 kids under the age of 4 into the mall and let them scream. There is nothing I hate worse.

For example, my wife was at a women's clothing store trying on about 700 things (really it was like 3 things, but 14 different colors and 2 sizes of each), and it was one of those stores without a place to sit. But I couldn't wait outside the store because 1)there were 10,000,000 people there and no room on any of the couches and 2) she likes my "opinion" on everything (which if you don't know, is always "That looks nice".) and won't let me leave. So I end up standing there outside of the dressing room with a dick in my hand, looking like a fucking molester/rapist for an hour.

We also spent at least an hour dealing with all the screaming kids in Toys R' Us looking for gifts for my 2 year old niece, that is going to put it in her mouth anyway.

Afterwards, though, we went to Chipotle. I haven't been there since I left Omaha, because there isn't one in Green Bay. Chipotle sprinkles crack on their burritos. (And only 1,180 calories!) The Barbacoa burrito was sent down from (The Sport Bottle's) God on a chariot of chocolate and feathers, to pleasure my stomach. I ate about six pounds worth of burrito and a gallon of the hottest salsa they had. I almost died gorging myself. That was the best part of the day.

I broke down and bought NBA 2k9.

Texas Tech got blowed out.

UW got lucky as fuck.

CU dominated the second half.

BEER REVIEW: I made an impulse buy at the grocery store the other day. New Glarus Apple Ale. I usually enjoy a fruit flavored beer on occasion. It tastes like you are eating an apple. A little bit overwhelming on the apple taste actually. I'm not sure I can tell it has alcohol in it. Not too bad, but not something I would buy again. At $7.99 for a FOUR pack, I would just wait to steal one from a friend. Give me a Woodchuck or Leinie's Apple Spice instead.


Ricky said...

Completely agree, the barbacoa burrito is fabulous. Easily the best fast food meal you can buy.

gotwinkies said...

You drink the same pussy drinks as my wife. First you comment on Summer Shandy and now Woodchuck?

Get some Monistat for your cooter.