Monday, November 24, 2008

Goddamn Snow and a Quarter Pound

I hate snow. I fucking hate it!! There is nothing about snow that makes me the least bit happy. In general, I've never really liked it that much. I like to downhill ski but since I haven't done that in almost 10 years it doesn't count. But since I now do what I do for a living I feel like snow has taken on a whole new meaning. People lose their collective mind when it snows.
They seem surprised that snow is slick. "I thought I could make that turn at 40 mph. I do it every day. I didn't notice the other 4 vehicles that lost control right in front of me." I hate people. Just in general. People suck.

Gonna be a great game tonight. I can't wait to listen on the radio. DAGGER!!!! Actually, I'll have to disagree with Mr. Juice. I'm gonna go with Saints 34 Pack 27. Dream scenario would be high scoring (lots of Brees TD passes) and the Pack pull out a last second victory. I have 4 Saints players on one fantasy team this week. I need 45 points. Makes for an interesting Monday night game.

Free Law Enforcement Tip of the Day - when you file a theft complaint because you say someone you know stole $1500 out of your closet, make sure the guy didn't actually take a quarter pound of marijuana instead. Long story short, some guy makes that complaint. Police talk to the suspect who admits to stealing but "Dude, I didn't take any money. I took a QP of dope." Ultimately a search warrant is obtained for the original guy's condo. Various items are found including a stockpile of gay porn (possibly involving minors) and a ton of cold hard cash. Oh, and did I mention the original complainant is a teacher? Talk about your all time backfires. Probably should've just accepted the fact he was no longer with his mary jane.

Saw gas for $1.78 today. Mint!

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Juicelaw said...

1) You HAD to have won that fantasy game, unless one of your starters was Bush.

2) I hate snow too.

3) Teachers + pot + gay porn is a great combo.