Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random thoughts from the weekend

So I watched the Badger game on Saturday but missed the Packer game because I live in a terrible area of the state and I refused to leave the comfort of my warm home to go to some shitty bar in RF where it's nothing but fucking idiotic football fans that I want to punch in the mouth. Maybe next blackout game I'll muster up the courage...

Anywho, I was quite excited to see the Badgers give the Gophers the ole double safety and then win the game by less than that 4 point margin fucking in the ass that the Pack got from the Queens last weekend. I insisted throughout the game however that the Gophers were putting guys into motion that were moving forward when the ball was snapped, but no one else seemed to be paying attention to the game so my complaints were falling on deaf ears.

So the Packer game, I was very happy to see that we move AJ Hawk to the middle and got Chillar in there rather than Bishop. I was bitching about Bishop being in the game after Barnett got hurt against the Queens and that was before he completely blew the play where AP went 50 yards to the house. I'm not the biggest Hawk fan right now, but if that's what it takes to justify getting Chillar in there finally, I'm cool with that.

I also think that someone needs to tell the young Nick Roach here that he and his fellow Bears were in fact, NOT good enough to wipe James Jones and the Packers ass this Sunday. This week we've got the Saints on Monday night, I wonder which Green Bay team will show up...

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