Friday, November 28, 2008

Stupid Comment

Just wanted to comment something I read in the Wisconsin State Journal recently. Sports columnist Tom Oates wrote an article on the Packers/He situation where he said trading He was the "wrong move." I have no problem with that. Oates is entitled to his opinion.

What I have a problem with is a statement he made comparing He and Rodgers. Oates said, "He's infinitely more experienced than Rodgers and, despite His age, more gifted athletically." What the fuck? What is the measurement used here? Athletically, the only standard you could argue in He's favor is arm strength. And from what I've heard current Packers say, that's a toss up. Is Oates saying He has more mobility? That's fucking ridiculous.


Juicelaw said...

I SUPPOSE you could say that he has more "escapability" but definitely not "mobility". That motherfucker only takes about 1 sack per 8 times he should be sacked. A Rodg will figure that out.

Ricky said...

Dan, you and the "He" thing is annoying. I can live with David since I believe he started it.

Arm strength - Is that really a question?

Escapability - Favre has some crazy knack of somehow getting out of sure sacks. A-Rodg gets sacked too much.

Actual Mobility - I would give that to A-Rodg

I think the piece that is not talked about by the "He" haters is the non-statistical factor. I believe that some athletes, MJ for example, truly do make their teammates better.

If you are of the school of thought that success comes in small windows and you need to go for it all when you have a shot, we should have welcomed Favre back at any time. If not for Brady having the best season of all time, Favre was the MVP last year on a 13-3 team (we are below .500 now if you have not noticed with almost the exact same team.)

If you believe that you need to set your self up for the future and not sacrifice the future for one season, we made the right choice.

I actually believe that if we played it right we could have done both.

The Sports Bottle said...

I could not give less of a flying rat's ass if you find it annoying. I figured it may be one of these 'rules' I don't know about.

Also, I have not participated in the argument until my long post, and that is all I have to say about the subject.

Ricky said...

I hate you Dan. You are a dirty rotten asshole. I hope you burn in hell.