Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kick in the Nuts Day 3

I think I've finally had enough time to digest the devastation that took place on Sunday.  On Sunday I felt like someone kicked me in the penis.  On Monday, on a scale of 1 to 10, I was a -3.  Today, I feel like I can give it the perspective it deserves.  Truthfully, the Packers had no real business being as close as they were.  The offense was generally terrible except for Ryan Grant.  The defensive backs were awesome (against the pass), but the rest of the D was brutal.  Special teams sucked except for the return by Blackmon.  The play calling and adjustment making by the coaching staff was suspect at best.  They were fortunate to be in a position to win.  But that doesn't make the loss any easier to take.  The fact is, they forced 4 turnovers, didn't technically turn it over themselves (although I would argue that those 2 safeties should count), and didn't win.  To all you motherfuckers who insist on blaming every fucking loss on fucking Aaron Rodgers, shut the fuck up.  Fucking don't watch anymore, because I don't want to hear from you fucks when we are 11-5 next year.  Or when Rodgers wins an MVP.  I don't.  You would rather watch the fucking Jets beat high school teams every week (I don't know how it is possible to play a last place team every week, but they have managed to do it).  Did A-Rodg play a good game Sunday?  No.  Did he hold it too long a few times? Probably.  But it is pretty hard to blame him for the offenses problems when he had about 1.2 seconds to throw on every play because guys were coming free.  I heard a number of assholes call into the local radio to bitch about how we "definitely" would have won if He was QB, because he had such a quick release.  The retort from the host after 14 of these calls was (and I agree): That might be true.  But He refused to take sacks.  And as a result he threw a shitload of interceptions.  A-Rodg chooses NOT to throw the ball into coverage to avoid sacks.  I would rather have a sack than an INT.  Now He also made some ridiculously good plays as well.  But people need to realize that He is not our fucking QB anymore, and won't be.  So what good does it do to compare?
Since we are doing the useless comparison, I thought I would check out how He did in his first 9 starts versus A-Rodg.  The numbers were strikingly similar He (10 TD, 7 INT, 2121 yds, 5-4 record), A-Rodg (12 TD, 5 INT, 2124 yds, 4-5 record).  People who act as though we would be 9-0 right now if He was our QB are fucking stupid.  People who act as though A-Rodg is not an above-average to good NFL QB after only 9 starts, are fucking stupid.  He doesn't play d-line, He doesn't play LB, He doesn't block for himself.  He doesn't make stupid challenges, and He doesn't settle for 52 yd FG's.  So He would not be responsible for winning us more games, because those are the reasons we lose, not A-Rodg.
I'm not even trying to say A-Rodg is great, because he didn't play all that well either.  But A-Rodg didn't lose the game for us. And He could have just as easily lost the game as won it for us.
I didn't intent to write a 319th post about this topic.
The Pack isn't done yet.  A huge win this weak against the less than perfect Bears would probably put everyone back into a tie (assuming Min loses to TB).  We still have the Bears twice, and some very winnable other games (Hou, Det, Jax).
The Packer party was an unmitigated disaster.  I was yelled at for showing too much emotion, when I was really only operating at about 45% emotion.  I nearly killed a small child.


Ricky said...

Not such a good post this time David. I am not sure about anyone else, but I am thinking that the other 4 readers may be sick of your bitching about Brett Lorenzo Favre. I dont recall hearing announcers compare the two and most comparisons seem to be subsiding. I believe that you need to get over this obsession. But thats just me. If anyone bitches that Rodgers plays shitty it does not automatically mean that people are saying, "Favre would have played better."

Ricky said...

We lost for a few reasons. O-line pass protection did not exist, D-Line did not exist, we settled for a 52 yard field goal, a challenge could have killed us had McCarthy won. McCarthy lost his mind is what I am trying to say. Rodgers did not play great, but I would not put this on him at all.

Juicelaw said...

It is living in GB. The people that call into the local radio station got to me.

Beleive me, I am sick of talking about it. But it REALLY pisses me off when the Packers lose and I get an hour of that on Monday while driving to and from work.

stephencolbert said...

how did darren college make the team after having arguably the worst preseason in NFL history. He doesn't look as well not protecting Tim Dinwiddie and blocking DE named BMac in the Big Sky conference