Wednesday, November 19, 2008

UW v. St. Mary's Burn Center recap

I think there are probably too many teams in D-I college basketball. Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville is a D-I "provisional". Meaning that not only do they have to get their asses pounded for the next five years in guarantee games by teams like Wisconsin, but they don't even get to play in a conference and have a shot at the tourney. A few things about SIU-E (which I found funny for some reason). First of all, the school name itself is terrible and difficult to say. You are not only a directional school, but a subset of a directional school. I am now declaring that the real SIU has to change thier name to SIU-Carbondale, so I don't get confused. Second, they are the real life "St. Mary's Burn Center" that my volatile and possibly insane JV Basketball coach referred to when he was discussing shitty opponents. Third, their jersey's were a fucking travesty. They looked semi-normal from a distance (normal red and black colors, etc.) But on a closer look, you can see the gigantic ass, WHITE, Lower Case letter "e" after SIU on the front of the jersey, with no dash. It looked retarded.

At one point I was convinced the Badgers were going to have a mythical "white out". There were 4 white guys on the floor at once on more than one occasion.

Jon Luer, who looks not fast, not coordinated, not short and not particularly skillful.....DESTROYED SIU-E tonight. He was on the receiving end of a nice ally-oop in traffic. Any time a goonie white guy can get an ally-oop in traffic against you, you aren't very good.


stephencolbert said...

was it just me or did leure(not even close too lazy to check) gain about 30 lbs of muscle? Badgers looked good even though it was against a bunch of humpties (Insert image of mentioned insane JV coach slapping the ball as hard as he can with his left hand). They could probably spare us the time and say "how does 26-6 sound? oh, by the way, we're still going to lose in the second round"...

Juicelaw said...

Once, in sixth grade, I was reading a College Basketball Preview magazine during his class. He ripped it out of my hand and threw it at my face as hard as he could.

He was also ejected from a number of Babe Ruth games.