Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hoops Bonanza, New Blogger? and MNF

I want to start out by thanking my brother for coming.  Second time this season I staged a ridiculous Monday night comeback against him.  Actual quotes from the message he left me at 11:44 p.m. last night (I smartly shut off my phone so I wasn't woken up from my beauty rest).
"Why don't you fucking just come back and beat me on Monday night again.  We should probably just play again so you can come back again on Monday night."
"Ten fucking catches?!?!?  I am calling shenanigans on Marshawn Lynch getting ten fucking catches." (I'm not sure his 10 catches really happened.  Pretty nice time for a career game.)
Did I mention that I sort of love fantasy football?  The win puts me at 8-3.  I have a theory that it is Tony Romo's leadership ability that carried my team.  He just has intangibles.  I was 6-0 before he went down.  Matt Schaub and Phil Rivers combined to go 1-3 in his absence.  Tony comes back and just wins.  The win puts a knife in the back of my brother's season, (or as Wayne Larivee would say "A DAGGER!").  We are now down to a five team race for four playoff spots, barring a miracle.  Bear sits at 9-2, I am in at 8-3, Twinkie is 8-3 (somehow he is like 6th in points) and Dan and Richard (under protest) sit at 7-4.  I play BOTH Dan and Richard.  I figure if I can win one, I am in.  I will likely have the tie breaker (points) over any team other than Bear that ties me.  That my friends, is some solid fantasy analysis.
Turned on SportsCenter this morning to find a "SportsCenter Live Special" with 100% college hoops.  Then I hit the guide button to find out that there is a game on at 9 a.m. between Penn and Drexel.  I still can't figure out why.  It's not a weekend.  It's not a holiday.  Whatever, the more hoops the better I guess.  Of course, I watched for about 30 minutes, and 28 minutes was talking about the ACC.  Ex-Dookie Jay Williams picked UNC and Duke in the final four.  He stopped just short of including Maryland, Wake, Georgia Tech, Florida St. Virginia Tech and N.C. St. in the Elite 8.  Why do these kind of predictions even exist?  Half the people just looked at the latest poll and picked the top 4.  This has happened NEVER.  Can't you go out on a limb with ONE of the four?
An unidentified man has requested permission to blog here.  I am debating on whether or not I think homo-erotic pictures of "Psycho-T" and stories about oppressing minorities are funny or not.  But I guess we might find out.
New and controversial Top 25 possibly on the way later.  Also, we are counting down to my dream NCAA Football tourney that will be unveiled in December...

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