Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Dirty South

I don't even know what to say.  Any time you allow a team to score the most points they have ever scored in a game, there isn't much to say.  What bothers me the most is that you can't have any idea how the team is going to play from week to week.  Just when you think you know something, it turns out to be proven wrong.  The one thing we all thought we knew about the Pack before last night's game was that their secondary is borderline dominant, and at the very least the Saints would have to get lucky to beat us with the pass.  Well, two 70 yard TDs later, I now don't believe the secondary is worth a shit.  Did McCarthy get badly out coached?  I would have to say yes.  When your team's strength gets attacked and exposed that badly, I think it boils down to game planning, and how well you can adjust in-game.  Clearly, Payton was able to adjust.  The only real semi-bright spot was the running game.  It is strange to put up 29 points and be disappointed in the offense, but I think there were points left on the field.  Truthfully though, we couldn't have won no matter what, when you give up a half a hundred.
So what does this all mean?  Well, we are still in the race, as sad as that is.  But this weeks game is officially a must win.  A loss puts us two games back of either the Queens or Bears.  It would probably take a miracle to come back from that, given the team we are generally sending out.
A few other things from last night: If you took the over on (24.5) for He references, you won big.  I counted 38.  I still hate Kornheiser.  Drew Brees apparently tried to have that growth removed from his face.  Now instead of a large brown mole, he appears to have a bulbous vagina on his cheek. (I realize that was a cheap shot, but I'm just trying to get by today, so blow me).


gotwinkies said...

Given that my wife prescribes to the theory that your birthday also officially counts the day before and the day after your ACTUAL birthday I won't make any mention of how bad the Packers got their asses kicked or that Bucky lost by 20+. I also won't mention the fact that "He who" is 8-3 and leading the division and the Pack is 5-6 and on life-support. That reminds me, I got you a pair of Wrangler Hero jeans for your birthday! Happy Birthday buddy!

Cheer up buddy, at least CU plays against Arkansas-Little Rock convent-school for the blind and deaf tonight. On the road however.

Ricky said...

I believe you counted 38 comments, but I did not feel they went overboard. Given gotwinkies comments, 8-3 vs 5-6, there could have and maybe should have been a LOT more references to Brett Lorenzo Favre.

Fucking Packers! Seriously, who the hell are they? The roller coaster ride leads me to believe a few things.
1. Bad coaching. I do like McCarthy, but he has looked bad at times this year. (see Viking loss)
2. Young QB. Not a rip on A-Rodg since he has generally played well. It is pretty common for a team with a young QB to go through these ups and downs.
3. Suspect management. We could have done a better job putting together the D-Line and O-Line. I cannot find many other holes (besides our cornerbacks being a combined 80 years old), but you need solid line play to win games.

stephencolbert said...

The Packers really took a HUGE loss when they "let Favre go." I think he was the franchises all-time leader in sacks, tackles, and tackles for loss. The D-Line lost their best run stopper in Favre and the linebackers their best hole filler...

gotwinkies said...

aren't you forgetting something? He is also their career interception leader. On both sides of the ball. What a franchise player.

Ricky said...

Where did the two random last comments come from? Not sure if they were in reply to my comment, but if you look at my 3 points they say nothing of Favre. Now if Favre had retired and we retired his jersey and everything was happy happy would you be saying the same thing? Would you say that losing one of the best QB's of all time was not a loss? Of course I know what your defensive answer will be.

Juicelaw said...

I actually agree that Ricky wasn't trying to make that point necessarily.

Because if he was he would be wrong, because those last two comments seem to be right to me as well.

And the comments on He were almost all completely gratuitous and unecessary, even according to the other two people in the booth.

8-3 Jets v. 5-6 Packers is comparing oranges to assholes. There really isn't a way to make the comparison.

Ricky said...

Not that anyone will read this, but I need to add a 4th point. Frost is fucking terrible. I guess this probably can just go under the suspect management point.