Saturday, November 22, 2008

UWGB and Britney Spears

This will be the last post of the day. Unless something super-crazy happens.

I just found out that UW-Green Bay got blowed out by D-II Rollins College last night. Jesus. I'm glad I didn't get those season tickets I wanted. Embarrassing.

I also just found out that Britney Spears is hot again. Remember back in 1998 where you, I and the Sports Bottle would have "crawled across charred glass to sniff her ass through a screen door"? Then remember in like 2006 when she was a fat pig (relatively speaking), and was fucking insane, and we wouldn't have fucked her with eachother's dick? Well, I just happened across her new music video for "Womanizer" (look it up yourself)(terrible, terrible song, even for her). And she has part of the video where she is completely naked (not full frontal of course), and she certainly appears to have her A (alright A-) game again. That doesn't mean she isn't bat shit crazy. And alot of luster has been taken off given the fact that she isn't 18 anymore, and all of the shit that's gone on. But she may revive her career as a glimmer in many a young man pants.


The Sports Bottle said...

yep, i agree. she's hot again. thats song blows a big fat dick.

in my professional expert opinion, britney spears in the beginning of the 3rd austin powers is the hottest chick ever.

gotwinkies said...

I told you Texas Tech was over-rated!

Your post below about drinking and being at the Jays game nearly made me cry, as in my current life I cleaned house all day yesterday and missed the game altogether. Sad.