Monday, November 24, 2008

...And the World Rejoiced

On November 24, 1980, the single greatest thing in the history of the planet occurred.  I was born.  Yes, your beloved blogger is the big two-eight today.  So far I will have to tell you, it has been a ho-hum day at best.  I awoke this morning to find two inches of snow on top of a sheet of glare fucking ice.  Did I shovel my driveway like the rest of my shithead neighbors? Fuck no.  1) It is my birthday, 2) I didn't get up early enough because the storm itself was a total surprise, 3) It is "supposed" to be like 40 today, so I am banking on a melt, 4) my wife has a 4-wheel drive, so if I can get out of the driveway with my Impala, I'm not concerned, 5) I'm fucking lazy.
So a random snow storm on my birthday.  I believe this is (The Sports Bottle's) Gods' way of giving us all a sign that he is either pissed I was born, or pissed that I didn't manage to drink myself to death between 1998 and 2003.
It took me an extra half hour to get to work today because of the terrible road conditions.  Then I get to work and we don't have any fucking creamer, so I have to go Mountain Dew, which isn't at all the same.
It isn't all shit covered snow in my life today though.  I was bombarded with "birthday snacks" that the receptionist brings in for every one's birthday, so at least I get get fat(er) and happy while "working" on my birthday.  The menu includes: veggie tray (with Ranch dip), cheese/sausage tray with Triscuits and mini cupcakes.
Oh, and there is that little thing called Monday Night Football tonight featuring the New Orleans Saints and YOURRRR Green Bay Packers!  The ball is going to be flying all over the joint tonight.  I think Harris/Woodson/Williams is good enough to slow down the 'Aints.  The pick is GB 30, NO 21.
AS AN ASIDE: I simmed through the first season on NBA2k9 because I took the Bucks with current rosters, and they were fucking terrible.  At the draft 2 of the top 4 picks were from the University of Wyoming.  Which leads me to congratulating Twinkie on his alma-maters impending national title.
My new Top 25 is going to piss everyone (like 2 people) off again this week.  I need a few days to finish.

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gotwinkies said...

CU will roll again tomorrow over Arkansas-sisters of poor blind school.

Wyoming is currently 3-0 in basketball including an impressive win over Johnson & Wales, a culinary institute, famous alumni include Emerill Lagrazzi (sp?). I can't make this shit up.