Thursday, November 13, 2008

Picks n' Stuff

Last week: 8-6
Overall: 66-74-4
NE(-3), Atl (-6), Phi (-9), Chi (+4), Ind (-8.5), NO (-5.5), Mia (-10.5), NYG (-6.5), TB (-3.5), Car (-14), SF (-6), Ari (-3), Ten (-3), Pit (-4.5), Was (+1.5), Cle (+5.5)
Watched my 4th Bucks game last night.  I'm just not so sure this whole WATCHING NBA games thing is going to work out.  Especially now that college hoops is back.  UW and CU open Sunday afternoon.  UW gets Long Beach St.  I don't know much about Long Beach other than the baseball team is called the Dirtbags.  Unless Snoop Dogg shows up and shoots Marcus Landry, Bucky wins by double digits.  CU is at New Mexico. I'm pretty sure it is a true road game, meaning they are playing in "The Pit".  The Jays will be tough this year, but I don't know if they win in that enviroment.  I give the edge to the Lobos by less than 5.  With the three nights a week that are taken up with those games, Lost, 24 and Friday Night Lights starting back up in January, I'm just not really sure I have room in my life for actually watching the games.  I will at least read the game recaps and such.  Which is more than I had done before.  I even busted out College Hoops 2k8 last night (USC 92, Sacramento St. 58).  I really enjoy college basketball.

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Juicelaw said...

I'm going to go ahead and point out that after further review, my post is incoherent. I WILL watch about 100 college games (at least). I probably WON'T watch NBA games. I may have been drunk at 8 a.m. this morning.