Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hunting Redux

I live and work in an area where people enjoy killing things. Deer hunting opens this weekend, and the economy pretty much comes to a halt. Schools are off (I shit you not, the one in the town I work in is closed. For deer hunting). Factory workers build up vacation days to use them all to sit outside, sleep and kill things. Old Fashions become a food group. I am not one of those people who kill things. I don't care if people like killing things. It's cool I guess. But I'm not that guy. But the real travesty in all of this (besides the traffic heading north, and the possibility of catching a stray bullet in the gas tank on the way to work), is the fact that the local strip clubs have "ladies night". These illustrious establishments give the ladies the weekend off and bring in dudes. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this because the last strip club I was at was The Spearmint Rhino in Vegas like 3 years ago. What is a guy who doesn't hunt, but likes to look at strange, nude, breasts to do?

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