Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What's the Scenario?

Truthfully, I've just been that busy. Between work, and the shit ton of snow we got, and ski poling Richard and The Sports Bottle this weekend, I haven't had time to blog. There were a few highlights from the weekend to consider however.

Saturday night, the unquestioned highlight was seeing "Ryan Grant's big brother" get announced at multiple bars, like for some reason I was supposed to give a shit. The second highlight was mentioning Ryan Grant's big brother until it was beaten into the ground, and then mentioning it like another 6,000 times after it stopped being funny.

Sunday sucked on a whole bunch of levels. The only good part I think besides just generally being there, was "Mean Gene". Mean Gene was a seemingly mentally ill, elderly, Packer fan, with a green Packers #4 jersey that had "Mean Gene" on the back. For some odd reason, Mene Gene took it upon him self to take two of the "G Force" flags that were handed out, and waive them around like he was having a seizure, while simultaneously dancing at a ridiculous pace. I wasn't sure whether to think it was great, feel sorry for him, or fear for his life. And I didn't even see him drink. For a second opinion on the matter, my wife asked "Who do you think takes him to the games?" Like he was literally released from Brown County Mental Health Center on a day pass to utilize his season tickets. Anyway he was awesome.

Other than that, it blew. We were sitting in the only semi-open part of the stadium, and the wind blew directly in our faces the whole game. It wasn't that cold, but by the end of the game it wore on you. Plus it is always at least 20 degrees colder when your team shits the bed after looking unbeatable for 27 minutes in the second half. That was a tough loss to take. I am still too mentally exhausted to get too in depth on it.

Now the Pack has to win out, or they will not make the playoffs. I would like to think it is theoretically possible, although the inability to step on a team's throat, makes me think that it is less than likely. Monitoring local talk radio the past few days was actually kind of strange. There is far more optimism than there should be, and a fair number of people think they will still win the division. I think it is a pipe dream, but I guess it gives us a reason to watch.

There are also OJSFA playoff scenarios to discuss. As it stands, I am 10-3 and in 1st, Bear is also 10-3 and in second, and Twinkie is 9-4 an in third. The three of us have clinched playoff spots, leaving one left. Bear and I have the top 2 seeds locked up. I am playing Richard who is 8-5 and currently in 4th place. A win and he is in. A win and a Twinkie loss gives him the third seed. If I win, I lock up the top seed. My brother is 7-6 and facing Sports Bottle 7-6. Sports Bottle is out based upon total points, so he is playing for nothing. If my brother wins and Richard loses, it seems likely that my brother would get in as the last playoff team.
"If Milwaukee wins, they would be the third seed in the middle bracket of the SouthCentral East region, but if they lose, they would have a three way play in to become the 7th seed in the Northeastern West Upper division, lower bracket." (That was a lame attempt at a line from BASEketball, and to describe how nobody truly gives a shit).

Nice win for Bucky last night. Leuer is probably better than anyone imagined.

Not surprised CU lost, since they tend to lose to Nebraska occasionally. I'm not that worried yet.

Coming later this week, the final top 25 poll, the revealing of Juicelaw's Dream NCAA D-I Football Get Together presented by Cockring Emporium (but not its teams), shitty picks and general bitching.

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