Sunday, December 7, 2008

Playing Under Pressure

The Packers are the team reincarnation of the Chris Webber timeout vs UNC or that Cowboys TE dropping that touchdown catch when he was wide open in the end zone. They cannot do shit under pressure. Don't be fooled. The touchdown with 6 minutes left to tie the game was not clutch. Clutch time is when Grant ran for the first down with just over 2 minutes left and Tony Moll had a holding call (which seemed like a horseshit call). But even more un-clutch was the sack given up on the next play, which appeared to be a screen. Isn't it the point of a screen to let the pass rush through to set the screen up? And then the next play is a 2 foot dump pass to a TE. The offense couldn't step up when it needed to.

But neither could the D. I fucking hate the Packer defense. Our new punter pins the Texans at the 2 yd line. That was clutch. But the clutchness ended there. Two big pass plays later and an easy field goal.

Fucking christ.

I'm not sure if every fan of every team feels this way, but isn't every single last second field goal against the Packers right down the middle? What was it, like a 57 yard field goal a couple years ago against the Vikings?

Shouldn't the Packers be showing signs of improvement as the year moves on? We're showing the same progress as the Austin Powers movies. We shouldn't be our best at the beginning of the year. I believe if this team did what most mildly decent young teams did (improving throughout the year), we could be very good next year. I originally thought that was the case but now I'm not so sure. I have no more optimism. We couldn't beat the Texans at home. Fucking ridiculous.

I'm not one to jump the gun and say we should completely re-tool next year but there's something wrong that shouldn't be wrong. I'm still old school and wish coaches still coached teams for decades, through good times and bad. But I'm also realistic and know that's not the case anymore. Someone's seat might be getting warm......


Bear said...

I blame Juice, if his bitch ass would stop going to games we'd be winning.

Ricky said...

Holmgren will be out of a job next year...

I am speechless, so frustrated. Even when we pinned them at the two, I was 100% sure that they would drive down at will and score with no time left.

Is it bad coaching when a team consistantly wilts under pressure? I am not sure where to begin to place blame for this disaster of a year.