Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some weekend thoughts

First let's get the immediate game from last night out of the way since it's the freshest in my mind. Bucky won by 2 in Va Tech when Hughes hit a runner in the lane with 0.9 left on the clock, very clutch shot, solid road win for the Badgers. Couple of things, I thought Tech got absolutely screwed by all those fouls called on Allen, I saw all 5 of them live, I would have called the fouls where he was dicking around 30 feet from the hoop trying to play with the guards and MAYBE the foul where he pulled down that rebound and got his pass stolen, he barely touched anyone, but he turned his body at contact so it looked bad. With Allen I say Tech wins this game by 10. That being said if Allen stays in the game does Vassallo still go off Steve Kerr NBA Live 97 style? It's tough to say, even the dead ball plays that he just launched for fun after the whistle were going down, that kid couldn't miss.

Marquette lost to Dayton over the weekend... I think that Dayton will end up be solid, they have been the last two years, we still can't lose this game though. Saturday is a big match up, Marquette vs Wisconsin, should be another good game between those two. Remember when UW-Milwaukee was good and all of a sudden that decision for the 3 good WI schools to play non-conference games turned out to be a terrific basketball game creating decision?

Packers, this game just exemplified our season, flashes of brilliance broken up between epic breakdowns and then exposure of what used to be strengths. You know what? I'm really not that upset about the game, I thought we played well and it's rare to have a game that a team plays perfectly throughout, so you can't fault the defense or the offense for disappearing at times here and there. My biggest gripe was partially addressed yesterday with the release of Frost, I never understood why we got rid of Ryan at the last second anyways(not that he was some awesome punter, but he was definitely better than Frost). Of course it's not like the jack ass they sign off the streets this week is gonna get it done either.

The other part of my gripe would have to be our kickoff coverage. It's really tough to kick a team in the face when they're down if you keep letting them get back up. Both times they returned it to midfield in the second half it was like spending all of your energy to knock a guy to the ground and then letting that guy get back up to one knee. There was no fire, no desire to deliver that kill shot, our special teams needs a kick in the ass.

I think the real reason I even brought up the Packers is because I know Juice has been purposely avoiding all things Packer related for the last two days. A little google analytics shows no traffic reported from his city, I love it when he goes dark after tough Packers losses haha.


gotwinkies said...

Uh oh, you are now ok with the fact that your team likely won't make the playoffs. Don't worry, I know how you feel being a Miami Dolphins and Vikings fan. It happened to me MANY times in the post-Marino/post-Culpepper era. However, it is sad to see a die-hard Packer's fan, after a crushing loss that will likely keep you out of the playoffs say "I'm not really that disappointed about this game."

Bear said...

I may be die hard, but I'm also a realist. This team is still young, our offensive position players will be a force to be reckoned with for years. Our draft for the next 3 years should consist of a lot of offensive linemen(they're already kinda iffy at times, plus Tauscher and Clifton seem to be hitting their age wall), a few D linemen(that injury to Jenkins really hurt us), a punter(FROST), some more D backs(for increased depth and youth) and maybe a linebacker or two if one is just staring us in the face and it would be stupid to say no.

When I say I'm not disappointed about the game I mean just that, the game. I am still disappointed in the season but what's done is done, I'm not gonna sit and mope for the next year on what could have been, I have basketball and baseball to divert my attention now.