Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Final Worthless, Uninformed Top 25 and JDDNFGT Details!

Rank(BCS)Record(Last Week)

1)(1)Alabama 12-0(1)
2)(3)Texas 11-1(3)
3)(2)Oklahoma 11-1(7)
4)(6)Utah 12-0(2)
5)(9)Boise St. 12-0(4)
6)(4)Florida 11-1(9)
7)(12)Ball St. 12-0(6)
8)(7)Texas Tech 11-1(8)
9)(8)Penn St. 11-1(5)
10)(5)USC 10-1(12)
11)(10)Ohio St. 10-2(10)
12)(11)TCU 10-2(11)
13)(13)Cincinnati 10-2(14)
14)(16)Georgia 9-3(13)
15)(18)BYU 10-2(15)
16)(14)Oklahoma St. 9-3(16)
17)(NR)Tulsa 10-2(22)
18)(19)Oregon 9-3(NR)
19)(20)Missouri 9-3(17)
20)(15)Georgia Tech 9-3(NR)
21)(21)Michigan St. 9-3(20)
22)(22)Northwestern 9-3(21)
23)(NR)Rice 9-3(24)
24)(NR)Western Michigan 9-3(19)
25)(NR)Oregon St. 8-4(18)

Dropped Out: Central Michigan (23), Boston College (25)

Juice's Dream D-I NCAA Football Get Together Presented by Cockring Emporium:

So I think we can all agree that the BCS is a crock of shit. Better than random bowl games, but not really all that good. There are thousands of proposals. Mine is the best, but I have to give credit to Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! who has come up with a well researched and thorough plan, as well as good arguments to contradict the nay-sayers. His tourney is pretty close to mine, and really has the same general premise as mine, but doesn't go quite far enough. But his is the first that I could live with. With that being said, here are the details.

32 team tourney
All D-I conference champs get auto bids, the remaining are chosen via selection committee.
It will be structured more like the college baseball tournament than college basketball. 8 regionals of four teams.
Top 8 teams' stadiums host 4 team regionals, giving the good teams the potential to host 2 games.
Quarterfinals will take place at 4 bowls: Cotton, Citrus (not the Capital One, that is gay), Gator and Fiesta.
Semifinals at Orange and Sugar.
Final at Rose Bowl.
First round will take place on Friday Dec 12 and Sat. Dec 13, 8 games each day, with games being played two at a time (with 3o minute overlaps in kickoffs)
Second round Sat Dec. 20 (same deal)
Quarterfinals Sat Dec. 27
Semifinals Sat Jan 3
Final Sat Jan 10.
All games will be on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC.
Finally, the other 18 useless bowl games that would make up the other 36 teams that would be "left out" compared to the current bowl system (yeah, fucking 68 teams play bowl games), will still be played. 6 on Christmas day, 6 New Year's Eve and 6 New Year's day. Take that tradition and shove it up your pie hole.
Naysayers can suck my fucking balls. Wetzel answered most of the criticisms. Plus, the NCAA doesn' t give a flying fuck about "student athletes" so it will be fine.
Travel won't be an issue either. Home teams will fill stadiums on a day's notice. Plus the short notice doesn't affect NFL playoffs for example, so it won't be an issue here either. NCAA basketball sites are decided way ahead, but teams playing don't know until a week. So the games will sell out. Plus corporate a-holes can still buy tickets to those bowl games.
Next week, I will set out the brackets, and randomly post results when I feel like it.


Bear said...

You could go another direction, take away 8 bowls from your new years holidy lineup and just have them established as second round matchups, determined ahead of time, then just cycle the mediocre bowl sponsors for seeding in the second round and cycle the BCS caliber bowls in the later rounds every year, have the rotation set or announce it in Feb every year so the hosts have a year to prep.

Or, and I realize now why you do two rounds of a regional bracket at the top seeds stadium, to cut down on travel for the teams, you could just designate a pre-determined bowl site for a second round matchup based on its regional location. But now looking at a map I see that there is no bowl games played in the Northeast, at all, in fact there are only 3 bowl games played north of San Francisco, Motor City(Detroit), International(Toronto), and that stupid Idaho bowl in Boise, yea so much for that idea I guess. Now that I've thought this through I should probably just delete this comment, but I want the world to know my thought process.

Juicelaw said...

It is frightening.

stephencolbert said...

I am beside myself that I spent an hour of my life listening to Whitlock talk about how great Ball State was on Rome, only for them to turn down the Humanitarian Bowl (the shitty one at Boise State) and Boise State for the Motor City Bowl(The Shitty one in Detriot) where they will play the Lions or someone slightly better(The Sports Bottle's Heels or Jesus' Golden Domers)... There was an awesome article bashing them on yahoo, fuck jason whitlock and small conference pussyhouse Ballesss State