Monday, December 1, 2008

Back from vacation and New Beginnings

Just got back from my sister-in-law's house last night after spending Fri-Sunday there with my in-laws. Let me tell you, it is damn good to be home. I squealed my mother f-ing brakes on the way out of there. I love my in-laws, in the sort of way that you have to in order for your wife to stay married to you, but after a couple days with them I go bat shit crazy. Yesterday all the girls (My wife, her 3 sisters, and my deranged mother-in-law) all got together to bake Christmas cookies. I don't know what happened, but at one point I made the mistake of entering the room and all 4 sisters were bawling and bitching at each other and my mother in law was playing referee. I don't know where I was going with this story, other than to say that nobody should be forced to spend greater than 48 hours with their in-laws. In fact, I believe a strong argument could be made to move the threshhold to 24 hours.
ANYWHO, several tidbits from the sports weekend :

1) Wyoming will officially hire their new head coach, Missouri Offensive Coordinator Dave Christiansen (large man to the right). Not sure how I feel about this. Our offense has sucked and Missouri's is good, so that's a positive. However, I have heard alot of Missouri people gripe that he didn't do much until Chase Daniel came along. We'll see. To me it seems like a pretty sexy hire by a shitty school who has sucked for a long time. GO POKES!

2) I texted Juice to find out if Creighton won while watching the Packers game on TV yesterday (not a fan, just throwing out comments from a casual observer). After I sent the message I instantly remembered that he was attending the game. Here is my apology. Sorry for interrupting. Interesting game. I did not see that last bomb coming. That was some serious skill displayed by Delhomme (aka lucky as fuck). The Pack had all the momentum and Steve Smith just took a shit on their season at that point. What the hell were those TWO (NOT one, but TWO) defenders doing? DeAngelo Williams is in on the verge of taking the title from Lendale White for "I don't do shit but score 1 yard TD runs."

3) CU lost again to the fucking Cornholers from Nebraska. I did not see the last 2 losses coming. I retract my earlier prediction of CU being a middle to high seed and safely in at season's end and amend it to "we will scrap by and somehow end up at the magic number of 20-21 wins and be on the bubble, only to not make the tourney and play some athletic team in the NIT and get shelled in the second round" which has become a staple of the Dana Altman era as of late. Maybe he should have stayed at Arkansas after all. Did I just say that out loud?

4) And, as if any of you care about Creighton basketball, this goes even lower... Wyoming is undefeated on the season with wins over Texas State, Johnson and Wales culinary institute (for real), Denver and some other shitty teams I can't remember off hand but am too lazy to look up. Look out big dance! Also, WYO's basketball coach looks like Michael Corleone.

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