Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wednesday Results

At simple overall win of $2.22 on Wednesday. An NHL parlay saved the day. Bradley losing at home cost me about $65. They were heavy favorites and up 9 at the half. From there they went on to lose by 3 and ruin a 6 teamer and an 8 teamer.

Account balance --- $104.00. I have $25 in overall wagers today with a whopping total amount of possible winnings of over $3 grrrrrr.

Moving on....

That Bucks game was complete incredible unbelievable horseshit. I know refs favor the stars in the NBA but I'm beyond words with that blocking call. I competely understand Kobe or LeBron getting every single 50/50 call. Maybe it was a charge but maybe it was a blocking foul. But that was a pretty simple call. It was one of two things - a charging foul or a no call. It's as simple as that. The refs should be fined.

I make the plea once more - get rid of Michael Redd.

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