Friday, December 18, 2009

Daily Wagering and Thursday Results

A minor loss yesterday. I actually won two single bets, and allow me to pat myself on the back. I liked the Jags at home but I didn't like the +4. So I bought half a point and made it +4.5. Jags lost by 4, and I won. I'm fucking brilliant. I also won the over 202.5 in the Suns/Blazers game.

I was contacted by a voice from above this morning. I was given some insider info for a bowl game tomorrow tonight. That voice from above was the omnipotent stud himself, Twinkie. He told me to take the +10.5 on Wyoming vs Fresno St. He also told me to take the under 55. I'm leaning toward the over so I'll just skip it altogether. But I will place $5 on the +10.5. If I lose, Twinkie's a dick and he owes me $5.

****UPDATE - My apologies to Twinkie. For some reason I thought he was talking about Wyoming when he was actually talking about the FCS Championship tonight and Montana vs Villanova. Twinkie says the only thing I would need to worry about is Montana blowing Nova out. I then informed him Montana is actually a 2 pt underdog. He can't believe this, so I'm set to win $5 if Montana wins.

Account balance --- $94.00


Juicelaw said...

a) That voice from above was probably your God.

b) Twinkie is most definitely a dick.

c) I'm in a bowl pick 'em thing for money, (1-34 confidence points), and I put 34 on Fresno St.

The Sports Bottle said...

Hopefully they only win by 10

gotwinkies said...


Let it be known that my hot gambling tip was MONTANA over Nova (don't know the line) in the FCS Championship game.

And the under, even though I don't know what the combined points are.

gotwinkies said...

For the record, the game starts at 3:30 p.m., that's how crappy of a bowl game it is.

Somebody start "the get together" soon. This is embarrasing.

Juicelaw said...

At least it is on a Saturday.

The Badgers got the coveted Tuesday night slot.

Unkown Blogger said...

since when is there a difference between wyoming and montana