Friday, December 4, 2009

Daily Bet

Two team parlay - Blackhawks straight up at -220 vs Predators and over 5.5 total goals - $5 to win $9.19

Bucks +4.5 at Pistons - $5 to win $4.54

In Vegas they would consider me a Whale.


Juicelaw said...

I'm not sure what "whale" means, but I know that I am taking your bets, doubling them up, and calling my bookie in Long Island.

And I implore you to keep us abreast of how that $100 is doing when you are making these bets. Congrats last night!

And you don't have any kids because your god won't allow you to reproduce

The Sports Bottle said...

Friday was not good. Blackhawks had their 9 game home winning streak snapped. Bucks shit the bed against the Pistons but somehow managed to almost cover the spread. They were down 6 with the ball with under a minute left but couldn't pull through.