Monday, December 14, 2009

I hate Mason Crosby, but....

I cannot stand Mason Crosby. Sports Bottle is absolutely right that we are lucky he hasn't cost us a game. I think it is probably best if we cut ties now so that he doesn't miss a 36 yarder to win the NFC Championship at the Metrodome, and he is murdered 12 million times over by Packer fans. He has made at least 2 games far more interesting than they needed to be. The thing is, he is missing routine kicks. Kicks that you would think most NFL kickers should make more than 95% of the time. It has gotten to the point where we won't even try a FG over 50. And in the NFL, occasionally you need a 52 yarder. A hail mary has a better chance of going in at this point.

Statistically, Crosby has not only been horrible compared to past years, but he is horrible compared to other kickers. He currently ranks TWENTY NINTH in the NFL in FGpct (75%), which is probably a deceiving stat since it includes all FG regardless of distance. It appears the NFL average is somewhere around 85%. To make it ever worse, Crosby is 5 of 12 from over FORTY YARDS!!! That is under 50%!!

I was about to make the argument that he is just as good as anyone off the street, but I'm not so sure. Under 50% from 40 yards and out is inexcusable. I don't think it is jumping the gun to ask for his job. Its not like he missed one short FG and cost us a game and everyone is freaking out. He is just consistently shitty. I don't think he should be required to cost us a game before he is gone.

Prediction: He is on the team next week at Pittsburgh.

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