Monday, December 21, 2009

Honeymoon Over?

I sincerely hope that this is true. And judging by His comments it is. I hate to say I told you so, and it is probably too early to do so, so I won't. Yet. Can anyone start to see why the people who run the show in Green Bay maybe were getting sick of Him? All it took was losing 2 out of 3. What happens if the cold weather gets to him next week? If Philly catches them? If they had to play AT Philly in round 2?? It warms the cockles of my heart. That shitstorm would be tremendous.


linda said...

I am loving every goddamn minute of this meltdown...I told you so is just not enough. When the queenies played in GB, I told the fans that we talked to, just wait, he'll break your heart, just like he broke ours.


Bear said...

I'm not gonna get too giddy over this, they still need to get knocked out of a bye and forced into an outdoor stadium before this altercation really matters. Otherwise their season will just end in the playoffs with their last post game wrap up. They'll probably win their last two games, everyone will talk about how awesome they are and then they'll get blasted by the Saints in the playoffs

Juicelaw said...

I'm just hoping to get giddy. He'll prolly torch the Bears next week.