Saturday, December 5, 2009

Daily Wagering 12/5/09

Friday was disappointing, except I did bet on Davis Cup tennis. Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer won me a two team parlay for a $4.26 win.

Saturday is gonna be a big day for me, with many wagers. I've decided on a foolproof strategy, and by foolproof I mean automatic loss. I'm placing a large parlay on the heavy favorites straight up. Saturday it will be UCONN (-300), Louisiana Tech (-2000 which is unreal), USC (-300), California (-300), Wisconsin (-480), and Texas (-650). It's a $5 bet to win $12.35.

In other action I took Georgia Tech (+1) against Clemson. 5 to win 4.55. Florida (-3.5) against Alabama 7 to win 5. USC (-3.5) against Arizona 5 to win 2.55. And the Badgers (-12.5) 5 to win 8.13. I've found you can actually adjust the odds. For example, I could bet the Badgers at -9 if i wanted to, but I'd obviously be taking a smaller payout if I win. I dropped the original line of -13.5 to 12.5 causing me to give up a buck or two in payout.

At the request of my colleague I will keep you all posted on my progress. I started with $110.43 b/c my credit card thinks a transaction is more legit if it's for some random number. Currently I have $70.42 with $42 in pending wagers, meaning I have $112.42. I am up a whopping $1.99 over my first few days. With those pending wagers I have $100.02 in potential winnings. I have made some preliminary NFL bets, mainly sticking to my (non) foolproof plan.

Gambling lesson of the day. Let's take the Badger game as an example. I have shown the Badgers are -480, meaning they are a rather heavy favorite. The -480 is called the "money line" and it means I would have to bet $480 to win $100. Hawaii in that game is actually +380 which means I would win $380 with a bet of $100.

As a side note, I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys the sports books in Vegas. I have no idea how smoothly payouts go or anything like that, but it's fun as shit.

I will probably not have a pre-Sunday NFL post so stay tuned for an after Sunday update.

Enjoy your weekend.

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