Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wagering Extravaganza

I'm up about $77 over the past couple days. On Christmas it was the NBA carrying me to a $23 overall win and yesterday it was mainly the NHL leading me to a $54 win. Going in to today I'm up about $33 this week.

Account balance - $113.60

I thought of an idea today to make my wagering interactive with our loyal readers (Bear and Juice). I think next Sunday I'm gonna be taking suggestions for the NFL games. We'll put together a large parlay and I'll be willing to mail a very small percentage of the possible winnings to those who participate.

A lot of action today. I have a couple large NFL parlays using the money line favorites. I also did a large parlay with all underdogs covering the spread (i.e. Seahawks +14 against the Pack). I took the Cowboys -7.5 tonight against the Redskins on Sunday Night Football. I have Clemson -6.5 in the Music City Bowl against Kentucky. And then of course I have my NHL parlay.

Moving on.....

If I wasn't a Packer fan I would think it's hilarious that Jaret Bush is an NFL player. TJ Houshmandoaonhaoiurezadeh just did a "double move" on Bush for a big pass play. There was no double move. Not even close. He just kinda ran slightly inside and then ran slightly to the outside and burned Bush. As the ball was in the air I already knew it was Bush playing D, and I use the phrase "playing D" loosely. I can already see it now. Our first playoff game. Crosby misses 7 field goals and Bush gets burned for 5 tds.

Why does no one ever bitch about the TV timeout in basketball? It's such an unnatural pause in a basketball game and can artificially ruin a team's momentum. There are 8 of them in a college basketball game. I just think it's strange and annoying.

My big Christmas gift this year was, pause........ wait for it ......... A VACUUM!!!!! That's right boys and girls, I've reached the age when it's acceptable to receive a vacuum as my big gift.

Not that I give a shit, but McCarthy just challenged the stupidest play. Deion Branch obviously had two feet in. That's just a waste of a timeout. I'd be more pissed if it was the 2nd half, but come on. Who's upstairs advising that dipshit to challenge in the first place?

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Unkown Blogger said...

I have been bitching about the TV timeout every 4 minutes in CBB for years, there is no reason why every guy shouldn't play 40 min outside of foul trouble or injury...

ps how am I NOT a loyal reader