Wednesday, December 23, 2009

OJSFA, the championship game

How has there not been more hype this week that the championship game is between myself(Jolly Pharmaceuticals) and Juice's brother(Clown Baby)? We are the most dynamic members of the league and without us, there would have been no good moves/shake ups at all in the last 4 years. Write that down.

The history is there, the teams are there, the flailing, gasping for their breath as the end of the year draws neigh, who knows which one is gonna show up QBs are there. This game has all the makings of being one for the ages. I mean look at this matchup

Tom Brady vs. Kurt Warner

Both Warner and Brady have had huge games and absolute shit shows... Brady on the year has been better overall, but some of that is inflated stats from that huge game against the Titans

Thomas Jones, Ricky Williams and Steven Jackson vs. Chris Johnson, Beanie Wells and Laurence Maroney

Clown Baby
I don't trust that Chris Johnson won't go off for 45 points against me and as of late Beanie and Maroney have been fairly consistent. My 3 could edge out his 3, but I don't think any of them are going to blow up for a 30+ point week.

Brandon Marshall and Miles Austin vs. DeSean Jackson and Megatron.

I'll give myself the edge here, simply because who the hell knows if Johnson will even get a ball thrown his way that is catchable. Huge talent that's definitely been causing fantasy owners pains this year because of a rookie QB and a shitty team.

Brent Celek vs. Fred Davis

It's your TE spot... Even in a PPR league their production can really vary. Celek has been good for 10-15 in a lot of games this year, so he's probably more consistent. Campbell loves checking down to his TE though, so Davis gets a lot of garbage catches and points. Interesting side note here, Bizarro bid 15 bucks on Davis last week and I bid around 12 as insurance against Celek being hurt. Davis scored 17.5 points last week and Bizarro beat TJ by what? 3 points? If I had pulled my sack out from between my legs and bid half my 40 dollars I had left, in the second to last week of the season, TJ would have more than likely made the championship game.

Just kidding, who gives a shit

Minnesota vs. Houston

Clown Baby
Minnesota's D used to be awesome... Now they suck balls, but they're playing the Bears and Cutler is one insulin fueled low blood sugar fit away from throwing 7 picks at any given moment so I'll take my chances. Houston plays Miami, who knows if he'll actually even stick with them? All I know is, after the last 2 weeks, the Queens D can definitely stink up the joint.

So there's my expert breakdown of the match up. My prediction for the winner? I'll leave that up to the fans to decide.

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Unkown Blogger said...

id like my chances a bit more had percy harvin not gotten a headache 3 weeks ago and turned it in for the rest of the season...