Saturday, December 5, 2009

Drunk Bosses, Other Civil Wars and The Future of this Blog


My work "party" actually ended up pretty fun last night. Two of my four bosses were borderline shitfaced by the time I left at like 6:30. I'm looking forward to the fact that two of them have kids getting married this summer. I'm totally comfortable getting blacked out with them, but I know my wife won't be.


Nearly forgot about Creighton v. Nebraska on Sunday afternoon. Always one of the games of the year in Nebraska. The atmosphere for these games was always electric. And although most CU fans root for Nebraska football (which is completely, and utterly retarded) there is some real hatred. It is very similar to the Wisconsin-Marquette rivalry. Especially since CU and MU don't have football. And NU-UW are the big state schools. Obviously, I'm on the opposite side of this rivalry. Generally, CU holds their own as they have the better basketball tradition and teams. Almost every game comes down to the last minute. Even though CU has sucked balls this year, I see the Phone Booth crowd of 17,000 carrying them to a tight win.


I'm not going to lie. The daily wagering posts have injected new life into the blog. I'm giddy reading about it. And I am super tempted to open an account of my own. And SportsBottle is openly daring me to do it. I love sports books more than just about anything. Obviously, I'm concerned about the legalities, and of losing my money. And getting divorced. The question I have is whether this site is going to end up being a gambling website, and whether the Dept. of Homeland Security will begin monitoring its content. Nobody is ever really able to decide whether or not these transactions are OK. I realize millions of people do it, and its probably pretty low on the list of government things to do. But millions also do drugs, and I definitely wouldn't run out and buy an eight ball.


Unkown Blogger said...

Online gambling is getting to the point where sites are finding ways to make it legal in the US... I had an account on and some poker sites and alot of times they would deposit my winnings back into my account... Some places will send you a generic check through a major US based bank (M and I, US BAnk, etc) and guess if your bank gives you shit you can cash it at the issuing bank

Bear said...

In all honesty, regardless of legality, if the site goes down as a "gambling" website, they're probably not going to be interested in some guy making 10-20 bucks a day off gambling

The Sports Bottle said...

As you can see, I'm not breaking the bank here. This just makes every day interesting. I just went through every single college basketball game and bet on all the huge favorites. 15 team parlay to win $28.