Sunday, December 6, 2009

Daily Wagering 12/6

I find myself not hungover at all after a wedding yesterday. To celebrate I have made 10 bets today at a cost of $54 for total possible winnings of 172.03.

Not a good day yesterday. Fuck USC. I thank them for proving my theory of my (non) foolproof plan, which I plan to stick to. Fuck the Utah Jazz. The Jazz fucked me big time. I made a 14 team parlay in college basketball with all the huge favorites, some teams I had never heard of. Anyways, I accidentally didn't complete the transaction and eventually added the Jazz to the parlay. I realized my mistake too late but figured the Jazz will definitely beat the TWolves. They didn't.

Anyways, on to today.

I have several variations of the same bet. Basically I need the Bengals, Saints, Bears and Chargers to win. Simply win. I've added a couple teams to those four in a couple bets, but if any one of those teams loses, I'm done.

Big bet of the day - 4 team parlay - $5 to win $57.42 - Jaguars (+2), Saints (-8.5), Seahawks (+2) and Vikings (-4).

Big bet of the day #2 - 9 team parlay - $5 to win $53.60 - all teams simply need to win - Colts, Eagles, Bengals, Saints, Panthers, Bears, Chargers, Patriots and Packers.

As I post this it's 1:15 so I'm getting a feeling for some of these bets. Saints have tied it at 10 against the Redskins. Jags +2 looking good. Actually, everything looking good so far with the exception of Saints +8, but I'm still confident in that.

Remember Brandon Lang? The movie Two For the Money? I went to his website and took his free pick of the week. He has hit 5 in a row. The pick this week is Atlanta +4.5 vs Eagles. I don't like that pick but he did for some reason, so I decided to go for it. Hopefully it'll resemble his picks from the beginning of the movie and not the end when that dude pisses on him. I don't wanna get pissed on.

Other sports - Bucks +8, 9 team NCAA basketball parlay (all heavy favorites), 2 team NHL parlay (Red Wings and Ducks).

Money update - current balance $36.43 - pending $54.00 - actual balance $90.43 - down exactly $20. I could be hurting big time after today.


2:15 update

I think I'm gonna be getting pissed on. I already had penciled in the Eagles until I listened to Brandon Lang. Actually, I'm gonna piss on him.

27-0 Eagles at this point.