Saturday, December 12, 2009

UW v. Marquette

Today is UW v. Marquette. I actually sort of forgot about it until I took a look at my magnetic Badger schedule. It is a really good rivalry game. Like Creighton v. Nebraska except that both teams are usually good. Let me just start out by saying fuck Marquette. I have some very personal reasons for disliking Marquette. But here are a few others if you are looking for a reason:

1) Rich kids
2) Fibs going there purely because it costs alot
3) Fake ghetto-ism
4) The ghost of Tom Crean
5) Shady recruiting practices (see Vander Blue)
6) Changing their name from the Warriors
7) I'm pretty sure Dominic James still plays for them (I fully realize he doesn't but after 14 years, it is hard to kick the habit)

Of course, my nieces decided to be inconsiderate and turn 3 today, and also to have their party at the same time as tip off. I've already chronicled my in-laws and their (non) love of sports. It is a good thing my father in-law is rude and will just turn the shit on and ignore the rest of the family with me. I'm going with Bucky by 5. And 14 Bo Ryan faces.

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