Monday, December 7, 2009

Daily Wagering 12/7

I got anally raped yesterday, but I took it with a smile on my face.

I'm gonna get the update out of the way before I start crying -
  • pending wagers - $20
  • current balance - $43.69
  • actual balance - $63.69
  • overall progress - (46.74)

I didn't realize it until late last night that the Patriots cost me $50. I can't fucking believe they lost to the Dolphins. What the FUCK. I also lost $5 on a shootout loss by the Ducks to the Senators (as a side note, watching shootout updates on a cell phone is not as exciting as watching it on TV). I read recently that Kansas went on a 36-0 run against Alcorn St the other day. The Bucks, not wanting to be outdone, allowed a 29-0 run to the Cavs. That's is simply unbfuckinglievable. Suffice it to say they did not cover the +8. I did place a last second bet on the Giants yesterday, and they performed admirably, giving me somewhat of a moral victory.

Fuck Brandon Lang.

So, I've spent this entire NFL season watching the Vikings do whatever they want. It was all so easy, and all so frustrating to watch. He Who Shall Not Be Named never got touched. Jared Allen never got blocked. With this in mind I decide to turn the tables and bet on the Vikings favored by 4. Out of 12 games, they've covered the spread or at least barely missed covering the spread in 11. I choose the one game they were out of at halftime.

I did win one of my (non) foolproof parlays, though. Automatic.

Moving on.....

All my Packer bets were part of parlays I lost yesterday, so I was forced to make a couple new ones, including a prop bet. I took the Packers at -3.5 for $5 to win $4.55. I also took the prop bet that the first score of the game will NOT be a touchdown $5 to win $7.

(Non) foolproof parlay of the day - college basketball - Seton Hall, Texas A&M, Auburn (iffy pick), Michigan St and Bradley. $5 to win $6.88.

I also placed a long term boxing (non) foolproof bet - 8 matches to be decided over the next few weeks - $5 to win $13.96.

As I type this I placed a 4 team NBA money line bet. Again, money line is simply picking the winner. Nuggets, Trail Blazers, OKC and Spurs. $5 to win $24.90. Needless to say, this bet is much more important than the Packer game and I'm seriously debating whether or not to get the NBA Season Pass application that will allow me to listen to any NBA game on my phone.

Gambling lesson of the day - Prop Bets. Not being able to come up with a definition, I'll use an example. Every NFL game has a ton of prop bets (i.e. who scores first, will a team score within the first 7.5 minutes, will a team score 3 or more unanswered times, etc). Prop bets are bets that have nothing to do with the final outcome of a game. Tonight, ideally, the Packers will score first with a field goal and win me 7 fucking big ones.

If I don't turn things around today it appears I'll be on life support soon. I have authorized myself another hundy if need be, but I'm not sure I'll go through with it. But this is so much fun.


Bear said...

Pardon me for inquiring but how in the fuck is that 5 team college ball parlay only getting you a win of 6.88 off a 5 dollar bet? Are you teasing all 5 games down? Are they all money line? It just seems like awful odds

The Sports Bottle said...

They are all money line and most are huge favorites.

Bear said...

That makes way more sense then! Carry on Christian soldier!

Juicelaw said...

Big win on the FG prop bet! Any way to wager on Crosby missing a chip shot?

Perhaps you would be more successful if every bet wasn't a 9 team parlay. Odds aren't really in your favor. Just sayin'.


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