Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Results

Big day for me on Sunday.
  • won an 8 team money line parlay - $5 won $42.97
  • won a 4 team NBA parlay with over/under, money line and spread - $5 won $23.41
  • won an NFL prop bet - first score of Redskins/Raiders would be a FG - $8.41 won $9.25
  • won a 2 team NHL parlay - $5 won $8.32
  • won 2 team NFL parlay - $5 won $5.76

If the Bears would've covered 4.5 I would've won another $140. Fucking Mason Crosby fucked that up for me. Had he hit that FG the Pack would've been up 10. The Bears possibly drive for a late TD and lose by 3. But by missing that I didn't have much of a chance.

The account balance is up to $123.14, meaning you'll have to put up with my obsession for about one more week. I've made back my 2nd installment and plan to ride this wave to an early retirement.

I've come to realize you start to understand what bets to place a little better the more you do it. Not to suggest I'll start winning, but I know a lot more about a lot more teams right now. Like Boston College is awful. They've lost to Harvard and Rhode Island back to back.

Other thoughts -

Mason Crosby needs to be cut right now. We are incredibly lucky his dick suckiness hasn't cost us a game. You could hear the sadness in the radio announcers voices when he missed that FG today. I don't care who they get. Pick up the dude the Redskins just cut. Maybe a change of scenery will help that guy and maybe Crosby will benefit as well.

What is it about the 2nd half of games. The Packers simply suck. The term "it" is applied to many teams and players. The Packers don't have "it." At least not yet.

Bears fans were so pumped to get Jay Cutler. My dad has a friend in Chicago who told him before the year began that they finally had the guy to win them a championship. He has great skills, there's no doubt about that. But he doesn't have "it" either. He simply sucks this year. Besides, he looks like a whiny little brat.

The Bucks are entirely unpredictable. They almost beat the Celtics at Boston. And they won a great doubt OT game against the Blazers, although they shit the bed in the 4th quarter and almost lost. They're much better than expected and maybe a playoff team without a very good record. Brandon Jennings is the go-to clutch player. He's a stud in the making, but not quite there yet, too inconsistent. We'll groom him into an All Star and then he'll go to NY or LA in a couple years. Michael Redd is done. He makes this team worse. Trade him. Now.


Unkown Blogger said...

"dick suckiness" is one of the funnier tags I have seen in a while... And you have got me thinking that with the multitude of shitty NFL teams this year that moneyline parlays might not be the dumbest bets

Unkown Blogger said...

unless GB loses to TB, Oakland beats Pit and Phi and Det over Wash