Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Randy Wolf is official

Randy Wolf's signing with the Brewers is finally official. I believe he signed for 3 years, 27 millionish. Here's Randy's career stats, he is 33 years young. The Brewers also just announced the signing of LaTroy Hawkins, which, with DiFelice being out for all of next year, we needed a reliever, hopefully Hawkins still has something. He pitched pretty well for the Astros last year, and in general in the NL the last 5 years or so, but when he's been in the AL it's been a little shittier as of late.

I guess I'm ok with the Wolf signing, I just hope he's not another Suppan, big year, we get tricked into a contract and then he has a 6 ERA for the next 3 years.

There's been plenty of Brewers rumblings at the winter meetings, I guess I'm glad to see something come from it. We've had a Hart for John Maine trade rumor with the Mets, a similiar rumor for Lowe from the Braves. There's been a very speculative Suppan for Juan Pierre trade, but I have no idea why anyone in their right mind would want to acquire Jeff Suppan for anything.

This obviously puts us out of the John Lackey running, but we've also been linked to cheaper pitching options like Doug Davis, Mark Mulder, Kelvim Escobar, and a couple of other aging pitchers.

We let Kendall walk since he wanted 5 million, so we signed Gregg Zaun to a 2 million dollar deal, looks like the money we saved with that move went towards acquiring LaTroy. Brewers have offered Counsell a contract for next year so I'm pretty sure he'll be back too. We snagged Luis Cruz off waivers, young middle infielder and Trent Oeltjen a younger outfielder, both have touched the majors at least a little bit in their short careers. Signed John Halama to a minor league contract, who's 37 and been out of baseball for a couple of years, but apparently looked really good pitching in some Caribbean league. We also signed Cappy to a minor league contract.

So as of right now the rotation looks like this Gallardo, Parra, Wolf, Bush, Suppan. I think... I'd love to add Davis and kick Suppan's ass to the curb.


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