Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Daily Wagering 12/9

Today is a new day. Taking it one day at a time. It is what it is. Blah blah blah.

I'm fired up. I have some large wagers on the line. And my account balance is now at $0.00. I placed all the remaining money on bets today.

I've been pondering Juice's advice, and of course I had already pondered it before he mentioned it, but I just can't lay off the parlays. They are simply too much fun.

I have a simple college basketball parlay, very similar to the parlay I won yesterday using my (non) foolproof plan. Boston College, St Johns, Indiana St, Villanova, San Diego St and Southern Illinois. All are -700 or more. 8 to win 6.15. Add the Lakers and Spurs to that 5 to win 6.18.

The rest of my bets have relatively high payouts.

4 team NHL parlay. I'm due to win an NHL bet. Capitals, Devils, Blackhawks, Avalanche. All money line. 5 to win 33.04.

4 team NBA parlay, which I have no chance of winning. Bulls/Hawks over 196.5, Pistons +3.5, Warriors -110 and Cavaliers -2.5. 5 to win 60.

4 team college basketball parlay - Badgers -6, Michigan +1, Western Michigan -2.5 and Arizona -250. 5 to win 44.

And with my remaining 5.55 I decided to go out with a bang. A 15 team parlay combining NBA and NCAA. 5.55 to win 90.44.

As soon as I lose all these bets, which will be around 11 o'clock central time, I will begin to mull over another hundred bucks. I will allow my decision to be swayed by our loyal readers.


Bear said...

do it

Juicelaw said...

Yeah, you probably need to just budget $100 per month. You should have plenty of money from blog residuals to cover it.

The Sports Bottle said...

Boston College lost to Harvard. Fucking Harvard.

That fucked most of my parlays.