Sunday, December 13, 2009

Quick Thoughts

-No reason the Packers should lose today on paper. It has been like 6 months since they've played at noon. However, this has the stench of a game that the Packers could lose. A random kickoff return here. A 70 yd pass interference penalty there. A blind side hit/fumble/return on Rodgers. I just have a bad feeling for some reason. If I had to bet (and SportsBottle does, likely as part of a 12 team parlay) I would say Packers 23, Bears 13, but I'm stressed out.

-The loss to George Mason yesterday put a nail in the at-large coffin for Creighton (3-5). They will have to get their shit together for Arch Madness.

-Thoughts on TV shows: This is one of the best overall seasons of South Park. I can't recall a bad episode. There haven't been any super-offensive episodes that I can think of, but even the random ones were really funny. I've still got two left that I haven't seen, but I've been impressed. Butter's Bottom Bitch was the best one I think. ESPN's "30 for 30" series has been fantastic. I've only watched like 4 of them so far, but all have been awesome except for the Ali one, which wasn' t that great. I'm kind of pumped for the Jimmy the Greek one and The U.

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The Sports Bottle said...

You are almost correct. It's only an 8 team parlay, all money line. I also have them in a two teamer at -2.5.