Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Fun With Wagering

Twinkie redeemed himself after his terrible call yesterday about the FCS Championship, although the redemption is completely imagined. I accidentally bet on Wyoming tonight +10.5 when Twinkie actually told me to bet on Montana last night against Villanova. So, I'll still give him credit as Wyoming won a great game in OT and won me $4.54. Also, Twinkie continuously makes reference to our next Vegas trip. I will go on record right now and state Twinkie will not be going on another Vegas vacation...... ever. At least not with a bunch of guys again.

Saturday was a decent day. It started out slow as #8 Tennessee lost to USC. That knocked out two parlays right off the bat. I had UWGB by 9 pts. They won by 8, successfully knocking out my $500 parlay. At that point I only had two more parlays in play. So I regrouped, came home for my dinner break and placed a few more bets. Rutgers won me $5 in their bowl game brought to you by Beef O'Bradys. The Magic, Lakers, Spurs, Rockets and Suns won bringing me $10. And a random 7 team college basketball parlay won me $21.

As I sit here I was thinking I was about to win 2 NHL parlays as the Oilers went into the 3rd period up 2-0 against the Capitals. I was getting 1.5 goals, meaning the Capitals would have to score 4 unanswered goals in the 3rd period. Right now it's 4-2 Capitals with 45 seconds left. I can't fucking believe this. That would be another $33 if the Oilers didn't shit the bed in the 3rd.

Now it's over and the day ends on a bad note. 4 unanswered goals? Ovechkin got pissed and scored 2 goals and added an assist.

Hopefully Sunday will be a repeat of last Sunday when I climbed from almost broke back to over $100.

Account balance - $92.17

Moving on.....

The Bucks blew another close game today. They simply can't play D when they need to. But they continue to prove they are much better than expected.

I went on Ebay the other day to find my girlfriend a Nintendo Gamecube game she's always talking about. While on Ebay I made an amazing discovery. There are now dual Nintendo/Super Nintendo consoles. I totally bought one and it is sitting next to me as we speak. I will totally be hooking it up when I post this. I also bought Super Tecmo Bowl for Nintendo, Super Tecmo Bowl III for Super Nintendo and Zelda for Super Nintendo. Fucking. Awesome. My future children will be pissed when I'm always playing the Playstation 7 that I bought them (myself) for Christmas


gotwinkies said...

Don't forget to tell everybody the truth that you GOT your money back because Montana PUSHED against the line (-2).

I take credit for the WYO bet, b/c I went there, which caused you to make a completely random bet that you never would have, had I never gone there.

Bear said...

The SNES Zelda game is one of the best video games every made. The Tecmo Super Bowl games are fun enough to sim and cheer on the computer while drinking on a Saturday night.

Also you should know better than to trust Juice's crazy other personality.

The Sports Bottle said...

You are completely correct about SNES Zelda. I haven't played it in about 10 years. I felt I was due. It hasn't arrived in the mail yet. I spent my time last night catching up on my Mike Tyson's Punchout and Ironman Stewart's Off Road.