Friday, December 18, 2009

Non-Degenerate's Picks for Use By Degenerate

Last Week: 11-5
Season: 95-87-1
All-Time: 229-213-3

Ind (-3), NO (-8), Phi (-8), Ari (-12.5), Hou (-12.5), KC (-1.5), Buf (+7), Bal (-10.5), Ten (-3.5), NYJ (NL), Oak (+14), SD (-6.5), GB (+1), Sea (-6.5), Min (-9), NYG (-3)


-The Pack is going to have its hands full Sunday, although I truthfully am not that worried. If you look at Pittsburgh, the only thing they do that we may not handle is rush the QB. We have done a much better job in the last few weeks of keeping Rodgers from dying. Pittsburgh's offense does not scare me at all. Big Ben is good, their receivers are decent and Mendenhall isn't terrible, but we've handled far better offenses. If Grant can manage his 2.9 yards a carry, Rodgers doesn't get killed, we don't give up any kick returns for TDs (definitely not a guarantee) and we just go for it or punt on every fourth down because a FGA is a waste of time, I think we win. I'm feeling 17-16, and clinching a playoff spot. Which is SWEET.

-Really, if you haven't seen "Jersey Shore" yet, you are missing something that should be in your life. It is "Real World" only not shitty, with Italians, spray tans, steroids and hair gel mixed in. This week, a chick nicknamed "Snooki" who is about 5'1" and not skinny (one of the other castmates said she was shaped like an exercise ball), got punched in the face by a dude. It was showed in full on the previews, but the show itself blacked the actual punch out (which was highly disappointing). Anyway, I highly encourage you to watch it. It is laugh out loud funny, and the best part is the people on it are not trying to be funny.

-I have to go Christmas shopping tonight to get some shit for my wife. And then we have to go tomorrow because we haven't purchased any presents. And like every year, I don't think of buying anything until it is too late to buy it online, and every year I get angry at myself.


Unkown Blogger said...

jersey shore is epic!!! "The Situation" is spreading throughout America

Juicelaw said...

Even though the show didn't start until November of 2009, The Situation is threatening to rival Tony Soprano and Johnny Drama (I just nominated him) for the greatest TV characters of the decade.

The Situation gets a number of votes because of the recentness of his epic performance.

He needs at least a Golden Globe or Emmy or something.

Fuzzy said...

You worry me. How on earth do you go from writing about sports, drinking & not working to jersey shore? Did Mrs. Juice give you a vagina for your birthday?

The Sports Bottle said...

Bear, will you please edit horseshit posts like the type that include a youtube video from some gay MTV show?

Juicelaw said...

Are you two serious?

Watch the show, and then come talk to me.

Juicelaw said...

And, might I add a couple of other things:

1) I definitely wouldn't watch MTV without my wife. Compromise is a bitch.

2) A CHICK GOT PUNCHED IN THE FACE BY A RANDOM DUDE!!! Are you not entertained????

3) Don't fucking read it if it doesn't appeal to you. 13-17 year old girls are a large part of our demographic.

Bear said...

Ok, his post has been censored, I've replaced his youtube video with a screenshot of the youtube video in the post and that image is now linking directly to

PS: That link is definitely NSFW

Fuzzy said...

I've actually seen an episode. It is Real World: Guinnea Edition. A bunch of juiced up twenty somethings getting drunk & possibly laid. The chick getting clocked is funny, but I already saw that on the news. I don't need to suffer through another episode to not see it. Like you said though...I don't have to read it if I don't want to. I should have realized that between your prediction of the Packers game and your shopping schedule there would be a piece about how to become less masculine.

Juicelaw said...

I assume there is a joke somewhere in Bear's post. Seeing as that website has the word "meat" in it, I'm going to make assumptions and never go there.

Way number one to become less masculine: get married.

Expect a post about how I hate the mall sometime this weekend.