Friday, December 18, 2009

Big Ten Engorgement

I figured I would put up a sports related post while mailing in this afternoon with the Penske file wide open on my desk.

The Big Ten possibly adding a twelfth team fascinates me for some reason. I'm all for them doing it. Why not? Why not just add 7 more teams? Who cares? How about adding a team, then combining with the other Big 12 to become the Big 12 North, and they can be the Big 12 South? Why not add 53 and just have your own little NCAA tournament every year and declare the conference champion the national champion?

But seriously, I'm just mostly curious who they add. Here is a list of teams that have been mentioned, and how it would help the Big Ten or Not. Keep in mind there are about 1,200 other NCAA sports not named football, and in almost all cases, all of those other sports are coming along. But I'm only going to relate the term "athletics" with Men's basketball and football, because those are the only ones I care about. Also, I have very little knowledge of any of these schools, so I am going to make large, sweeping assumptions based purely on reputation and speculation.

Notre Dame: I'm not really sure who Notre Dame thinks they are. They have a shitload of football tradition. They have a large/rich alumni base. I get all that. But I don't really get the way that they just dismiss the possibility by acting all superior like the Big Ten is so far beneath them. Let me tell you something Notre Dame: The Big Ten has all the history and tradition you have, and then some. We also have superior academics, and larger alumni bases. And our own fucking channel. For ALL sports. Now that I got that out of the way, I would love to see Notre Dame. They fit well geographically, athletically and academically. Built in rivalries with Michigan, Purdue, Michigan St. and Penn St. Would not need to be forced. Will never do it.

Missouri: They've emerged as the prohibitive favorite I guess. They are a little far south for my liking. Athletically they are probably middle of the road at best. They've had some great years in both sports, but also some historically shitty ones. I hear they have good academics. Sound interested, but it would be an odd move.

Kansas: Too far away. Basketball is good enough that they could go on another 10 year losing streak post-Mangino in football, and it would be worth it. Academics would fit in. Probably would never do it.

Iowa St.: Haven't heard them mentioned, but I don't know why. Academically and geographically would fit in perfectly. A nice built in rivalry with Iowa. Athletics have been pretty weak at least recently. Should do it.

Nebraska: I would love to kick their ass, especially in football. The basketball program is a disaster. Traditionally, the football team would fit in perfectly. Probably too far west. Academically good. Good fit, but too many Big 12 rivalries.

Texas: Seems like a huge stretch. Superior to the Big Ten athletically. Academics on par with the best. Way too far south. Not a chance.

Pitt: Geographically acceptable with Penn St. involved. Athletically they would fit in well. Don't know anything about academics. I would think they would pass.

Syracuse: Basketball powerhouse, football shithouse (at least for the last 5 years). Don't know much academically. Geographically, less than great but not that bad I suppose. I can't see them leaving the Big East purely because of basketball.

Rutgers: Why? The New York market? New York doesn't give a shit about college sports. ESPECIALLY football. Academically I guess they are good. Athletically, I'm going to say they are below average at best. A recent resurgence in football, and they've struggled recently in basketball. Rumored one of the favorites. They would probably do it.

West Virginia: Geographically too far East. I feel their academics are inferior. Athletically, they would definitely hang. More interesting case, they might do it. But the Big East is just so good in basketball, it would be hard to give that up.


If they are doing this only for football, it is incredibly short sighted. Most schools not named Notre Dame, and I don't know if there are others, would not want to be in two different conferences. That being the case, the Big East is out. A Big East school would be insane to leave that conference for basketball. Which, includes Notre Dame.

Seriously I think that Iowa St. and Missouri make the most sense. I say they don't invite anyone again.

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Bear said...

I'm a fan of bringing a team in from a mid major. When you look at who came out better in the Big East vs the ACC, it's gotta be the Big East. Hell it feels like their football is even better than it was before. The ACC is still the same old, boring shit as it always was, Big East is new and exciting

Granted they brought in a lot more teams than the Big Ten would, but still I think it would have more benefit than a team that's been in a similar conference before that