Tuesday, December 22, 2009


For those paying attention (probably just me) you already know that an empty net goal given up by the Stars last night cost me my big bet of the day. I probably had my best picking day ever yesterday. Five team NHL I got 4 right. 4 team NBA I got 3 right. I also won a 10 team college basketball parlay and I won the Monday night game. I won $7.60 on the day. If I was smart I would start betting NHL games individually. I've probably gotten about 90% right in the past week or so. If not for the Capitals scoring 4 unanswered in the 3rd period the other night and the empty netter last night, I'd be up money overall.

I made some much smaller bets today, except for the daily NCAA heavy favorite bet, which has about 12 games today. I did two individual NHL bets, which I will most definitely lose.

Cowboys cut Nick Folk and signed Suisham, obviously taking my advice and proving that Jerry Jones reads this blog. Isn't there a Grammatica brother out there somewhere, or Morten Andersen, or Gary Andersen? Hell, Jerry Kramer is still alive and he used to do some kicking for the Packers back in the day.

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Juicelaw said...

I actually saw somebody suggest Martin Gramatica or Mike VanderJagt the other day. Both would be a huge improvement. Neither will be playing for the Packers this week.