Monday, December 21, 2009


Sunday blew. I won a couple small bets which made things manageable but the NFL whooped my ass. In a 7 team parlay I was wrong on 6. But NHL once again came through for me. The Broncos losing to the Raiders cost me $50. What are the fucking odds of that?

Account balance - $79.27.

Tonight I'm gonna take it easy with only 4 bets. I'm taking the Giants -3 on Monday Night Football. Big bet of the day is a 5 team NHL parlay - Sabres, Rangers, Devils +1.5, Stars +1.5 and Blues +1.5 (5 to win 46). Random 10 team NCAA parlay with all heavy favorites and a 4 team NBA parlay - Bucks +1, Magic, Spurs and Suns.

Moving on.....

I was actually able to watch almost the entire game yesterday and I have a few thoughts.

I don't really know a whole lot about being a wide receiver in the NFL and what it takes to cover a wide receiver in the NFL but there are a couple things I simply cannot understand. First, why do DBs never have any idea the ball is coming? Turn your fucking head you fucking idiot. I'm sure your buddies are yelling that the ball is coming, especially when it's in the air, as Juice says, for 45 seconds. The second thing I don't understand is how Bell couldn't cover Wallace on that play. Wallace didn't even run a route, nor did he ever look like he was going to TRY to run a route.

In my opinion the big fuck up came on 4th and 7 on that last drive. Bring some pressure! Rushing 3 guys was a huge mistake throughout that entire drive. Big Ben is great at avoiding a rush, and the Pack did put pressure on him a couple times, but he generally has no problem avoiding the first guy (see Jenkins wide open rush at him that would've won the game). Once he does that he has all day. On 4th and 7 he had all day. We just sat back and let him pick us apart.

BJ Raji covering Heath Miller? Are you fucking kidding me? Just before the snap I said out loud "Is Raji gonna be in pass coverage?" Sure enough his fat ass couldn't catch up to Miller's fat ass. It's not Raji's fault at all, he tried, but it would be like Twinkie trying to cover me.

Mason Crosby HAS TO GO. Period. As far as I know he's gone already. Anyone else nervous during our last drive that we'd need a FG from him? He might be a great kicker but he's become Brad Lidge or Rick Ankiel or Chuck Knoblauch or that catcher from Major League 2. It's all mental. Bring in Suisham. From what I understand, Suisham was 18-21 before he missed that gimme against the Saints. We can't go into the playoffs, hopefully, with a completely unreliable kicker.


gotwinkies said...

OVER THE LINE! I may have gained a few lbs. but I refuse to believe your donut dunking, cop ass could burn me in football. I used to run a 4.6 (GLORY DAYS) and if you don't believe me, you can ask the TWO guys that played ahead of me at WR that played D-I football (For Wyoming, but D-I nonetheless).

When they speak of lockdown corners, it generally goes: 1) Champ Bailey 2) Al Harris and 3) Twinkie. Let me know when you get that backyard game together Butch, and I will be covering you like flies on shit.

the fastest mofo you've ever see

Juicelaw said...

The Ankiel/Knoblach/Catcher from Major League 2 line was awesome.

Twinkies speed is going to depend alot on whether he is cycled on or off. Or whether one of his organs explodes.

I think Sports Bottle is more quick than fast. (Both faster AND quicker than me). Twinkie may be able to play bump and run. Semi-big size advantage for Twinkie.

The Sports Bottle said...

I was never timed in the 40 but I wasn't too far from that. Leadoff centerfielder who stole lots of bases. I cannot be covered by one over the hill ex-athlete.

Juicelaw said...

At age 30, he is like Mike Cameron. Doesn't hit for much contact. Strikes out a lot. Has lost a step or two in the outfield. Has a tendancy to run into a fastball and send it out. Undervalued.

gotwinkies said...

I will leave it up to Juice to make the determination, but afte two years of intramural football and basketball (which I admittedly suck at) I think he'll make the right call.

I will admit you might be able to get a quick out on me or something, but my make up speed is wicked good and you could NEVER burn me deep. And if you did, I would "sweep the leg" and laugh as you fell to the ground.