Monday, December 7, 2009

Biased Reactions and Not Working


-Texas v. Alabama is probably the correct matchup if you ignore the fact that there are 3 other undefeated teams that don't get any chance for a championship for reasons that will never make sense to me (see The Get Together).

-Texas got there under dubious circumstances. Someone needs to explain to me how they were allowed that extra second. I understand that arguably the clock read 0:01 at the exact millisecond that the ball hit the ground. I can accept that it was arguably correct if the basis for "correctness" is the millisecond the ball hit the ground. And believe me when I tell you that I'm all for the use of technology, and if my team was Texas, I would not be complaining. BUT, you have got to be fucking kidding me. We are really going to decide who is going to the championship game based on how fast some dude in a booth can hit the stop button on the scoreboard clock? Since when has this ever been reviewable? I watch ALOT of football, and I've never once seen the clock reviewed in football. Basketball? All the time. Would this play have been reviewed if the roles were reversed? No fucking way. And how do we know that the clock wasn't started late on play number 41, and that really there should be negative 3 seconds left?? If we are going to look at the clock on the penultimate play, then shouldn't we make sure it is correct on EVERY play? End of bitching.

-Nice cop out by the BCS sticking TCU and Boise in the same game because they were given no choice but to put them both in their fake "Series". I would hate to see Iowa, Georgia Tech, Ohio St. or Oregon get run off the field by either or both. That could harm the idea that TCU and Boise HAD to go undefeated to get there, but in some years you can see a 4 loss team from a "BCS conference". So dumb. This also might be the best bowl game of them all. How is that going to look when that game gets the best ratings?


-New show on MTV. It is a must see. 8 random stereotyped "Guidos" and "Guidettes" from the East Coast (and they call themselves this), with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, are put in a shore house for the summer and given free booze. Hilarity ensues. Lets just say there is a dude who calls himself "The Situation", and he manages to work the phrase "The Situation" into just about every conversation. And it is awesome.


-I'm picking a relatively close Packer win. And me being frozen. And me not getting anything done at work today and leaving early.


-I'm heartbroken that they got thier asskicked. Really. 2 picks in first December game after 3 in first 11? Seems about right. Nice garbage, stat stuffing TD Chilly. Ridiculous.

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Bear said...

100% agree on the 1 second thing and TCU and Boise St playing each other. I said the same thing to both situations. Almost as ridiculous as WAS shanking that kick to let NO win the game. All sports are rigged!

In all seriousness though I do agree on those two points. I always see clocks run long in games with those kind of incomplete passes and the fact that the BCS committee didn't have the balls to set TCU and Boise St up against power conference bids is bullshit